Review: The Proposal (The Proposition, #2) by Katie Ashley

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Oh swoooooooooooooon! This book was just what I was hoping for. An absolute grovel-fest with chapters and chapters of swoon.

The book starts out just after the ending of The Proposition, so we get to see Emma devastated but trying to cope with her break up with Aidan, and we see Aidan completely broken and fallen to pieces after his mega fuck up. Understandably, Emma won’t have anything to do with him, despite his attempts to grovel, but he finally gets his chance when unforeseen circumstances being them together.

“You don’t know the hell I’ve been through because you wouldn’t talk to me! You wouldn’t let me apologize or talk this through. You fucking cut me off.” He shuddered. “I’ve been dead inside the last three weeks.”

Aidan is sick with remorse for everything that he has put Emma through, and when she finally sits down and talks to him, Aidan completely smacks it out of the park with his epic, epic grovelling!

Aidan’s chin trembled. “I swear to God and all that’s holy I wish I could take it back,” he whispered.

“I’d give anything and everything in this world to redeem myself with you. Just please, please give me the chance.”

And he finally gets his chance when Emma goes into premature labour and needs total bedrest for two weeks, and Aidan totally steps up.

“Look we all know I fucked up! Royally. Even though I’d give anything to take it back, I can’t. But I can make it right, and one way to prove to Emma how much I care about her is to take care of her when she needs me most.”

Aidan is a changed man. He still maintains the cheeky, flirty, cocky side that I loved so much from the first book, but he has grown up – he is responsible, caring, utterly selfless and completely committed to Emma and their unborn baby. With the dual POV, you can totally feel his pain, and seeing all that he is going through, I forgave him pretty quickly. Emma, trying to stay strong and protect herself and the baby, takes a bit more convincing though.

Which brings me to the ‘grrrrr’ section of the book. Yes, the dreaded love triangle. Ugh! It never really develops into anything, but there is a hot doctor that takes an interest in Emma. He was a lovely guy, and a great character, but I thought the whole thing was completely unnecessary. Seriously, it just made Emma look like a bitch. The way she behaved, and how she treated Aidan through this part of the story were not ok for me, and I was really unhappy with her. I understand that this was probably the catalyst for her coming to terms with her feelings, but seriously? I would have been happier if she had been able to come to that conclusion on her own. I think it affected me so much because she and Aidan had made some progress towards fixing their relationship, and she kept giving him mixed messages – practically dating somebody else right in front of him, and it was even more suffering heaped on top of his already broken heart when he was trying so hard to be everything he could for her.

But our tormented couple finally get their shit together, and then, thank God, the book becomes an epic swoonfest. All of the words, and all of the gorgeously romantic moments you would ever want to experience with them – we get… and then some!

“I want to be with you, Em. I want to be with you every fucking moment of every fucking day! … And you know why? Because I love you! Did you hear that? I love you, Emma Harrison! I love you with everything in me.”


OH HOLY SWOOOOOOOOOOON!!! And that’s just the start!

Katie Ashley gives us a complete story with Aidan and Emma – from strangers to lovers, through broken hearts and absolutely squee-filled highs, to their deliriously happy HEA. And even with the turmoil that they go through, there is still the element of fun between them, and some fantastic banter. Like the first book, when these two open up, they really open up and I loved the dialogue between them. And holy hell there is hotness! Just… damn!

But primarily it’s all about love and forgiveness, and it’s gorgeous.

“It’s the truth, Em. You do save me. I would still be lost if you hadn’t come into my life, and I thank God everyday that you gave me another chance to show you how much my soul cries out for you. There will never be anyone else for me in the world.”

I loved it. 4 swoon-tastic stars.


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