Review: Rock Chick (Rock Chick, #1) by Kristen Ashley

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It’s been around a month since I read this, but now that I’ve continued on with the series I went back to this, the first book, to do a flick through the highlights and ended up reading the whole thing again! It’s an incredible start to the MOST incredible series!!

So this is where it all started…

Indy is a Rock Chick goddess. Full of attitude and in love with Lee Nightingale since she was 5 years old (who can blame her???). However 10 years ago he broke her heart and she decided to move on with her life and has spent the last decade trying to ignore him.

Lee is, of course, a smoking-hot-badass-Alpha. He’s a straight-talker, and has secretly loved Indy all along (his reason for not acting on it before now is actually pretty solid). But now that he has decided to make his move, he is alarmingly honest with her and reveals his intentions early on:

“I do this thing for Rosie, you sleep with me”
I stared at him, open-mouthed and in stunned silence.
I did, of course, understand what he meant but he explained further.
“Not like last night, we’ll both be naked and sexual acts will be performed.”
My expression didn’t change except maybe my mouth opened wider.
“I’ll expect your participation.”
Holy shit.
“Your avid participation.”
Dear Lord in Heaven.
Eventually, I whispered, “You must be joking.”
He shook his head and watched me.
I dropped my eyes, unable to hold his stare.
“I think I need more coffee,” I told his throat.”

He makes no apologies for what he feels and what he wants from Indy and he brings her into his life, getting straight into “the relationship stuff” from the very beginning (and he’s so good at it!). The man does not play games, and WE LOVE HIM FOR IT!!!

“What we have here is good and if you’d get over your thoughts that it isn’t gonna last, you’d realise how much better it’s gonna get if you’d just relax.”

And it just gets better from there… *alpha swoon*


Laugh-out-loud funny, there is also plenty of action in this one and a great introduction to some of the key players in the rest of the series. In fact it only shows me how brilliant Ms Ashley is that despite how good this book is, the series just keeps getting better as she so easily weaves in all of the additional characters in later books.

Originally I only gave it 4 stars. On the re-read though it’s being promoted up to 5 star status! I don’t know if it’s because I love the characters so much more, or if I was high the first time I read it, but nevertheless, a 5 star read it is!


The Rock Chick series

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Rock Chick Reckoning - 80  Rock Chick Regret - 80  Rock Chick Revolution - 80  Rock Chick Reawakening

Rock Chick (#1) (Lee & Indy)
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Rock Chick Rescue (#2) (Eddie & Jet)
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Rock Chick Regret (#7) (Hector & Sadie)
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Rock Chick Revolution (#8) (Ally & Ren)
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Rock Chick Reawakening (#0.5) (Marcus & Daisy)
Technically this is set before the rest of the series, but it’s best read after the rest of the books
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Indy and Ally – How to be a Rock Chick



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