Review: Rock Chick Renegade (Rock Chick, #4) by Kristen Ashley

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And Kristen Ashley does it again!!! Five solid stars!

Book 4 of the Rock Chick series introduces us to Jules – the most kickass member of the Rock Chicks to date, and the perfect match for Vance Crowe. Vance featured a little bit in book 3 so I was excited to read his book, and it didn’t disappoint.

Vance is exceedingly Alpha – to the point where if this man was real, he’d probably be arrested for the things that come out of his mouth (or at least slapped). As he is a KA Alpha though, all it does it make us exceedingly swoony. His relationship with Jules starts off in the usual Rock Chick manner, when Vance appears in Jules’ bed when she wakes one morning when they’ve barely even had a conversation…

I was snagged around the midriff and thrown back to the bed, my head hitting the pillows, and Vance Crowe rolled his body over mine. I stilled and looked up into his dark, lushy-lashed eyes.
“Oh my God,” I breathed.
“Mornin’,” he said to me, like we woke up next to each other every day.
“Oh my God,” I breathed again.
His hair was not in a ponytail but falling down around his face and shoulders and, I kid you not, he looked like a Native American Warrior God.
“Do I have your attention?” he asked.

On a side note, you’ve gotta love a man who says Mornin’. As all Kellan Kyle fans will agree 😉

Of course they get together and the relationship continues on the in the usual way for a Rock Chick and her man…

“I think we should break up,” I told him.
“Jesus, you’re a pain in the ass,” he muttered and went back to his book.
“Seriously, Vance.”
“Shut up, Jules,” he said without taking his eyes from his book.

Seriously… it goes on like this.

There’s the usual banter and action of course, and there was a very strong focus on the relationship between Vance and Jules. The thing I really liked about this book was that it wasn’t just the ‘heroine in trouble’ storyline. Vance had issues as well, and the two of them coming together was more equal because he needed her just as much as she needed him. And watching the two of them come together like that was gorgeous.

“If you ever think of takin’ off, if you ever get scared enough at what I do for a living that you decide you can’t hack it, then you best think again because unless what we have turns shit like everything else in my life, I’m not ever letting you go.”

The gang of Rock Chicks didn’t feature as heavily in this book as they have in others, but whenever they were around, it was absolutely hilarious, some scenes had me crying in laughter! There was still plenty of Tex and Duke, and Shirleen and Darius make appearances as well. The really good news is there was a lot more focus on the Nightingale boys (particularly Luke) – and that’s always a good thing! So much hotness all in one place 🙂

The climax to this book is EPIC, and I love the way that Ashley wrote an entire chapter from the POVs of all of the characters that we have come to love. It was a brilliant way to see how the group reacted to what had gone down, and to watch them all come together and be there for each other was amazing.

So in short – this is a sensational addition to the Rock Chick series. Let it continue with the luscious Luke!!


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