Review: Opposition (Lux, #5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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5 kickass stars

JLA has pulled out all of the stops to give us a heart-pounding, action-packed ending to the Lux series, and she totally nailed it! This book reads like an action movie! There is SO much happening, and it’s so fantastically written, that you can see it all playing out in front of you. I was gripped from the first page through to the last, with JLA’s unique brand of storytelling giving us heaps of light and funny moments in between all of the intensity. And of course, there is the romance, which remains a feature and which had me swooning madly.

The story is a direct continuation from Origin, and the hideous cliffy that left us waiting for resolution for a YEAR! And was it worth the wait? Well, hell yes it was!

Without spoiling anything, this book is an adventure from start to finish. All hell is breaking loose, and our beloved characters find themselves in positions they never expected to be in. There are unexpected twists and turns, some big surprises – some welcome and some devastating – and through it all, Katy and Daemon stand strong together as they fight not only for their own survival, but for everything they hold dear.

Katy is such a great heroine. Throughout the series she has gone from strength to strength, and she really shines in this one. She isn’t the girl who sits back and lets people fight for her, she’s right out there in the heart of the action, and I love that about her! She is smart and sassy, deeply caring with a huge heart, and is prepared to fight hard for the people she loves. It’s a great combination, and I can honestly say that she hasn’t irritated me once throughout the entire series. Go, Katy go!

And then there’s Daemon. God, has there ever been a hotter, snarkier, more annoying but absolutely gorgeous alien than Daemon Black? I think not. JLA has given us one of the most beloved and enduring book boyfriends EVER with Daemon and he is at his sarcastic, arrogant best in this one.

“It’s not like I’m going to run up and hug him.”
His expression turned bland. “I’d sure hope not. I might get jealous.”
“You’d get jealous if she hugged a tree,” Archer tossed out.
“Maybe.” Daemon coasted to a stop in a parking space behind the car. “I’m needy like that.”

With all of the action going on, he has lots of opportunities to prove his badassery, but it’s all in order to protect Katy and his family, and it’s his love for Katy and his unquestionable commitment to her which shines through it all, and it is absolutely beautiful!

“Kat.” He uttered my name like it was some kind of prayer, and then he pressed a kiss against the skin behind my ear. “I broke every rule of my kind to heal you and keep you with me. I … burned down an entire city to keep you safe. I’ve killed for you. Did you think I’d forget what you mean to me? That anything in this world— in any world— would be stronger than my love for you?”

Daemon and Katy’s relationship remains strong, with no stupid drama or angst – thank God! They are together and secure in their feelings for each other, and I loved seeing them so in love (with a bit of hotness too!) and watching them stand together to face this final challenge, which puts them to the test like nothing ever has before.

The future looked appallingly short, but I couldn’t focus on that now, because we were together. It didn’t matter how many hours, days, months, or years we had stretched out in front of us; we’d always be together.
This kind of love was the real deal. 

Each of the main characters from the series (well, those that have survived up until this point…. *wink*) play a part in the events as they unfold, and I loved watching them all together, and soaking in the dynamics – lots of banter, snarkness, a budding bromance, and a MOST welcome cameo from a certain Arum that we all love.

If you’re a mad Lux fan like me, then you will be thrilled with this finale. Each of the individual storylines are finished off, and with the story told in dual Daemon/Katy POV, we get to see every aspect of the epic finale – the funny, the sweet, the swoony and sexy, the all-out action, and even those terrifying and shocking moments where my heart almost stopped.

This series definitely remains at the very top of my favourite YA PNR, and although I’m going to miss these characters terribly, I’m so excited that it ended on such a high note. I look forward to many rereads in the future.

5 huge stars.


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