Review: Well Hung by Lauren Blakely

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4.5 “Frisky Mittens” stars

I absolutely love surprise Vegas weddings so when I read the blurb of Well Hung, I knew I needed to read it! ASAP! So the day it was released (early!!) I bought it, began it, and had a very hard time putting it down. If it wasn’t for real life getting in the way I would have devoured this book in one sitting. Once again Lauren Blakely has flawlessly written a fantastic, sweet, sexy, and hilarious story in a male POV and I LOVED it!!

Wyatt Hammer is the owner of WH Carpentry and Construction. Up until six months ago, the company wasn’t doing well. But then Natalie came on board and everything changed. She is a gorgeous, kind, organized woman who is excellent at her job. She has taken WH to the next level with her business and organizational skills and now they have real hopes of expanding the company. Though Wyatt finds her utterly attractive and everything about her is a turn on, he knows he can’t cross the line.

“The golden rule is this—you can bang the clients, but you can’t ever screw your assistant.”

Since Natalie started, Wyatt has been fighting his attraction and succeeding for the most part. That is until a new job takes them to Vegas. Together. The chemistry is palpable and the sexual tension simmers until a spark lights everything up in Vegas. What happens when “Wyatt and Natalie’s Excellent Adventure in Vegas” follows them home?

I loved this story. It was an unique take on the drunken Vegas wedding and the characters couldn’t have been more likeable. I loved Wyatt and Natalie! They were just so good together. Their friendship and how well they got along was natural and believable. Their witty banter and easy, fun interactions made me smile from ear to ear.

“You’re quite the frisky mittens,” I tell her as we stop at a crowded crosswalk, waiting in the throngs of tourists taking in the city of sin.
Running her fingers across the front of my T-shirt, she says, “And I get the impression you like me so . . . hands on.”
“Guilty as charged.”

I absolutely loved Wyatt. He is such a caring, sexy, romantic who has a wild side. I loved how much Natalie meant to him and he was concerned with her happiness both at work and in her outside life. I loved when he committed to his feelings and he was a totally swoon worthy hero!!!

“I want us to keep riding the rollercoaster. To get on it over and over again. To keep climbing, and falling, and flipping upside-down, even if it makes us sick or crazy. I want to feel all the joy and exhilaration with you. The ups and downs. Because loving you is some kind of wild ride, and I don’t want it to stop.”

*dreamy sigh*

Natalie was wonderful too and totally relatable. Her unique, fun personality made her character enjoyable, and I loved her work ethic and her extracurricular activities.  Her loyalty and the fact that she kept the promise she made to Wyatt even if it would end up hurting her was endearing. I couldn’t help but love her too!

Even though Well Hung is written in Wyatt’s POV, we still get a little bit of Natalie’s POV through text messages and I loved it. Nothing was completely clear cut when we read the bits and pieces with her that left us speculating what she could be feeling and doing.

I also loved that we got to see the characters from Big Rock and Mister O, as well as the characters in the upcoming books, The Sexy One, Full Package, and Joy Stick!!! I can not wait to see what these books have to offer.  If they are anything like the previous books, they will all be fantastic!

Overall, this feel good book left me with a goofy smile on my face and I loved it.


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