Review: A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole

A Thousand Boy Kisses

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6 “forever always” stars

Live hard, love harder. Chase dreams, seek adventures … capture moments.
Live beautifully.

After reading most of Tillie Cole’s books, I can confidently say that her stories are nothing short of amazing. From her fantastic new adult books, to her deeply emotional, dark and gritty stories, she encompasses every emotion you can possibly feel. A thousand Boy Kisses adds to her list of gorgeous romances. It is a heartbreakingly beautiful young adult novel with an epic love story that will stick with you long after the last page is turned.

I knew what the premise of the story was going into this book but it did nothing to prepare me for the emotion I’d feel or how I was affected by it. How is it possible for my heart to be broken yet be so full at the same time? I adored this book and believe everyone needs to experience a love like Poppy and Rune’s.

Poppy and Rune met when they were five years old. Rune had just moved into the house next door to Poppy and with Poppy’s outgoing personality, they become fast friends, best friends, and then so much more as they grew older. Even at a young age of fifteen, their love is true and believable. But just as things seem to be going as planned, life got in the way. Pain and heartache were in store for Poppy and Rune, and I felt it all right along with them.

“In that moment I experienced the love my mamaw sent me on this adventure of a thousand boy-kisses to find. That moment when you know that you are loved so much, that you are the center of somebody’s world so wonderfully, that you lived … even if it was only for a short time.”

Fast forward two years and Poppy and Rune are not in the same place in their lives as they were when one decision changed them forever. Betrayal and hurt consumes Rune as Poppy tries to let him go. There is a reason she cut off all ties with Rune, a secret she refuses to reveal. What happens when the secret comes out and hearts are broken further? The epic love story of Poppy and Rune doesn’t end there; it continues “forever always.”

A Thousand Boy Kisses is a wonderful depiction of true love and Poppy and Rune will always have a special place in my heart. They were perfect for each other and had a strong relationship that formed from a very early age. I loved the sweet innocence of young children and that they ended up being each other’s everything.

“Do you realize how deeply I feel about you?”
I slowly shook my head, needing her to tell me. She placed my hand over her heart and her hand over mine. I felt its steady beat under my palm, the steady beat that got faster as my eyes locked on hers. “It’s like music,” she explained. “When I look at you, when you touch me, when I see your face … when we kiss, my heart plays a song. It sings that it needs you like I need air. It sings to me that I adore you. It sings that I’ve found its perfect missing part.”

Their connection was solid from the start and remained that way even after the years they spent apart. This book shows the beauty of young love, first love, forever love. And Poppy and Rune’s love was fierce and passionate. Their adventures were wonderful and every single one was worth it despite some of the heartache that went with them.

These joined hands, a reminder. A reminder that we were Poppy and Rune. Somewhere under all the hurt and pain, under all the new layers we’d acquired, we were still here.

I adored Poppy. I felt her heartbreak and the pain of past actions. I loved that she thought of Rune with every decision she made even if it would break her in the process. Her pure heart was beautiful and her strength was amazing. I admired her positive attitude and loved her sweet personality. Her passion for life overtook me and tears leaked from my eyes with the love she possessed. A love that extinguished the darkness in Rune’s soul and was able to bring peace to his life. She believed in him and my heart soared with her support. She healed him when he tried to heal her.

Rune was complex and intense but a ideal match for Poppy. He was broken, hurting, and confused and my heart felt it all, dreading the reason behind every decision. When everything was revealed, I cried and I cried and I cried some more. My heart broke for Rune and Poppy. I loved Rune’s determination to make Poppy happy. He’d do anything for her and the adventures he took her on were perfect. He made my heart smile with the depth of his love.

Everything about this novel was beautiful. The regret, forgiveness, healing, growth, and especially love were all wonderfully written. I also loved the secondary characters and their support during the challenging times Rune and Poppy faced. Watching the families heal and come together helped mend my heart. And “my heart completely burst” by the end of this book. The story truly touched my soul.

I don’t think I have any tears left to cry. A Thousand Boy Kisses is the most heartbreaking yet heartwarming story I have read in a long time. I definitely recommend this sensational book. Just get the tissues ready!

Poppy Litchfield was just a seventeen-year-old girl from a small town in Georgia. Yet, from the day I had met her, she tipped my world on its head. And even now…she was still changing my world. Enriching and filling it with a selfless beauty that would never be rivaled.

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