Review: Crashed (Driven, #3) by K. Bromberg

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4.5 “A to motherfucking Z” stars

Whoa! What a fantastic finish to a series that has been a little bit up and down for me. Parts of it I’ve loved, and parts of it I’ve struggled with, but I’m so happy that for the big ending, everything I love about Rylee and Colton was developed even further, giving us some epic moments, and sensational closure for their story.

This is an absolute drama-fest of a book! But thankfully, most of it is initiated outside of the relationship, and provides the catalyst for Rylee and Colton to finally deal with their demons and move on from the past.

This story sees some massive character development for both Rylee and Colton (particularly Colton), and OMG, my heart broke for both of them over and over as they are pushed to the limits of what any two people should have to endure. And although there are a few hiccups, they find incredible strength in each other, and in themselves, to pull through and stay together, and I absolutely loved it!

The feels are intense.

“Give me a minute,” he whispers, his breath feathering over my lips. “Let me have this okay? I just need this…you…right now. To hold you like this … Ry, now that you’re here, now that you’re in my life…become a part of me, I can’t fucking breathe without knowing you’re all right. That you’re coming back to me.”

Their love for each other is life-altering and totally overwhelming, and the romance and swoon is off the freaking charts!

“You were the one thing I never wanted—never, ever expected in my life—and fuck if I can live without you now. You test me and tempt me and make me look at the truth I don’t want to face and are stubborn as hell, but God, baby, I wouldn’t want you any other way. Wouldn’t want us any other way.”

“I love who you are and what you make me. I love that your spark has stopped the blur. That you wanted to race with me. That I don’t need the superheroes anymore because I need you instead.

And the hotness… OMG, the hotness!

“I’m fucking desperate to bury myself—feel, lose, find myself—in you, Ry …” he says, the strain in his neck visible and his desperation audible. “You deserve soft and slow, baby, but all I’m going to be able to give you is hard and fast because it’s been so fucking long since I’ve had you.”

My legs tighten around him and I dig my hands into the top of my thighs as my body remembers just how thorough a fucking by Colton Donavan can be.


I really like the way the author continued little things from their relationship through each of the books. While Rylee’s constant internal analysis and the racing metaphors irritated me consistently throughout the series, the special little moments between them were also carried through – the texts, the songs, the alphabet and “nothing between us but sheets”. Private jokes built upon like that make the relationship seem so much more personal, and I thought it was really cleverly done.

I loved how the side characters played such an important part in this book. They may not have had a lot of page time, but their contributions were really significant – Colton’s Dad, the boys, and especially Becks, who had some epic, epic conversations with Colton. Their relationship is fantastic! Lots of teasing and ribbing…

“You’ve fucked this up one too many times so I’m here to help.”
“Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out,
“Nice try, but you’re stuck with me. Kind of like herpes, only better.”
What the fuck? “Dude, did you just actually compare yourself to fucking herpes? … Because at least with herpes, my dick gets serviced first.”

…but also serious and heartfelt when it’s needed.

“It’s time to man the fuck up and realize you fucking love her too, before it’s too goddamn late and you lose the one person who’s made you whole again. Figure out how to deal with your past so you don’t lose your fucking future.”

I can’t wait to read Becks and Haddie’s story next, with their dirty minds, wit and sarcasm, I’m sure it’s going to be hilarious, and just a little bit hot!

More than once I was surprised by the direction the story went in, and even though it was crisis after crisis there for a bit, I was totally enthralled and loved watching them deal with it all. It may have been a bit overly sappy and cheesy in places, but honestly after all that these two have been through, I was happy to soak it all up, and the HEA is absolutely blissful! I read the last few chapters with a ridiculously cheesy grin on my face only to be thrilled that we get not one, but two epilogues – from dual POV too!

This is a rollercoaster ride of a series. I’m so glad I read it, and I know that Rylee and Colton’s story will be one of those ones that stays with me for a long time to come.

4.5 stars.


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