Review: Sentinel (Covenant, #5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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When you read the final book in a series, it is always with a great sense of expectation, and a whole lot of emotion involved, so it always makes the read a little bit epic. I have followed Alex, Aiden, Seth and the gang through five books and two novellas, so I was already heavily invested in the characters and their story before I even made a start. I laughed, I cried, I swooned, my heart broke more than once, and that ending… O.M.G!!! EPIC!!!

If you haven’t read the series, this review may be spoilery, so proceed with caution!

The book starts immediately where Apollyon finishes off, so if it’s been a while since you’ve read that book, I would recommend rereading the last few chapters to remind you of where everything is at. I’m so glad that I did, because the final events of that book have a big impact on this story.

It’s time for the final battle. The bad guy has finally been revealed, everybody knows their roles, the plans are being made, and it’s all being put into action. And I loved every minute of it!

Alex is at her best – strong but vulnerable, sarcastic, feisty, funny, and a total badass, she is a brilliant heroine and I absolutely adore her. She has been through so much, and there is still more that she has to deal with, but she faces it all with her trademark sass and humour.

“I want to kill that daimon all over again.”
Aiden smiled then. A real one, showing off those deep dimples … “It was kinda hot how you popped out of nowhere and owned her.”
“I need a shirt that says, ‘I owned her.’”

Her strength is amazing, and I loved that even though she has had many opportunities to shine throughout the series, she is something incredibly special in this final installment. Coping with what she has already endured and facing a terrifying future, she is incredibly brave but does struggle with it all, and her emotion is beautifully written.

No matter how scared I was, I would not fall apart. “I’m fine, Aiden. I—”
“You are a lot of things, Alex. Strong. Brave. Beautiful. Incredibly sexy,” he said with a quick grin. “But you are 
not fine. You and I both know that.”
Okay. He had a point.

And yes, of course, Aiden. What can I say? The man is freaking phenomenal, and I fell more and more in love with him as the book progressed. His love for Alex is incredible and his determination to protect her, all while accepting what she is and what she needs to do, and supporting her in doing it, is amazing. He is by her side at every opportunity, and the two of them together are a powerhouse. Perfect man… they name is Aiden St Delphi!

“He was my strength when I needed him to be, my friend when I needed someone to talk me down, my equal in a world where by law I would always be less than him, and honest to gods, he was the love of my life.”

And the romance… OMG, the romance! I am so happy that no unnecessary romantic drama was thrown into this series. They are together, they are committed, they are super functional, and they are SEXY! There’s a lot of focus on the relationship between Alex and Aiden in this one, and I loved it! I thought it tied in really nicely with everything else that was going on.

“Agapi mou, you are my everything.”


And then there’s Seth…


The whole gang is along for the ride, and Deacon, Apollo and Hades all bring some fantastically funny moments to what is actually a really heavy situation as everybody gears up for the big battle.

A perfect blend of drama, romance, action and humour, this is a fantastic ending to an amazing series. And with a kickass, and completely unexpected ending, I was left gobsmacked and with tears streaming down my face just taking it all in. There’s definitely a surprise or two in there, but I was happy with how it all ended. And it provides a nice lead in for JLA’s follow-on series.

5 sensational stars.


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