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4 “Snuffaluffagus” stars!

Big Rock is the first book I have read by Lauren Blakely and it won’t be my last. Friends to lovers and pretend relationships are two of my favorite themes, so when I saw that Big Rock had both I knew I needed to read it! It is a fun, sweet, sexy read with very little angst, told from the hero’s POV.

Spencer Holiday is a self-proclaimed manwhore. He is sweet, sexy, and cocky.

I follow my own rules, and they have given me the good life. I’m twenty-eight, single, rich, hot, and a gentleman. Like it’s a surprise when I get laid.

He enjoys his casual hookups and is not looking for a relationship. However, a misunderstanding at a business meeting with his father leads to a lie that will change his life forever.

Spencer and Charlotte have known each other for years and have a great relationship. They are the best of friends and have never crossed the line to become more.

Charlotte and I can both appreciate each other’s appearance. That’s one of the great hallmarks of our friendship. I can acknowledge she is a babe, and she can do the same with me, and we’re still all good.

They work together and get along great. They always have each other backs and even have a pact to help deter unwanted attention.

If either of us needs a fake girlfriend or boyfriend to gracefully get out of a sticky situation, we’ve sworn to step in and act the part. It’s a game we’ve played since college, and it works like a charm.

Spencer takes this pact a bit far when he needs a fake fiancée to help close a business deal for the sale of his father’s jewelry store. Charlotte agrees to go along with the plan to get her annoying ex off her back and things start to change.

Something is happening. Something strange and completely foreign. My heart is speaking a language I don’t understand as it tries to fling itself at Charlotte.

I loved getting into Spencer’s head and seeing his amusing thoughts as he starts having intimate feelings towards his best friend.

It is helping me not to linger on…how well she kisses. Or how much I liked it. Why the fuck did I like it so much? Of course you liked it, idiot. You’re a straight male and a pretty woman kisses you—you’d be stupid not to like it. End of story. Doesn’t mean anything. Stop analyzing.

I also loved watching him battle his feelings in his head and when he finally accepts them.

I’ve broken the biggest ground rule of all. I’ve fallen in love with my best friend.

We usually get the heroine’s POV, so this was a nice change. I also enjoyed the playful exchanges between Spencer and Charlotte.

“You can do this. It’s you and me, babe,” I say, and she furrows her brow at the last word.

“Is that what you call me as your fiancée? Babe? Or is it sweetheart? Or something else? Snookums? Honey bear? Sweet cheeks? Snuffaluffagus?”

“I assure you, it’s not Snuffaluffagus.”

“I kind of like Snuffaluffagus,” she says, and now she’s just trying to pull my leg… or maybe avoid giving me an answer.

“I guess it’s babe then,” I say, staying the course, as she drinks some of her coffee. “I don’t know why I called you that. Except for the obvious. You’re a babe.”

Though Big Rock is a very predictable story, it is still an enjoyable book.


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