Review: Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels, #7) by Ilona Andrews

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4.5 badass stars!

Book #7 in the Kate Daniels series, and wow, what a wild ride! This book is action packed from start to finish, full of action, intrigue and excitement, supernatural politics and drama, and of course all of the sass and sarcasm that I love so much about this series. With a war pending and a long-awaited confrontation taking place, this book is a massive game changer, and definitely one that you need to read in order with the rest of the series.

In a futuristic and crumbling Atlanta that swings between being under the power of magic and technology, Kate is continuing to balance her investigative business with her duties as Consort to the shifter pack. When Curran is called away, Kate needs to step up and take his place at the Conclave – a meeting of the supernatural leaders in city – only to be thrown into an unfolding political nightmare when a vampire is discovered dead at the hands of a shifter.

Kate is given 24 hours to hunt down the killer and so, with her crew of trusty sidekicks by her side, she starts out on a dangerous adventure that will bring her into contact with evil bad guys and all kinds of supernatural nastiness. Lives will be threatened, secrets will be uncovered, the long-awaited encounter between Kate and Roland (a god-like being with immeasurable power) will change everything.

“Fortune favors the brave,” I told her. It also kills the stupid, but I decided to keep that fact to myself.

There is SO much that happens in this book, and it’s all pretty much non-stop. There are ups and downs and I feel like I barely took a breath the whole time I was reading. It’s exciting and heart-stopping, with lots of emotion and laugh-out-loud humour, and I absolutely loved it!

Curran’s eyes went gold. His voice dropped into a rough growl. “If you’re going to shoot, make sure to empty the clip, because after you’re done, I’ll shove that gun up your ass sideways.”
Blue Jacket blinked.
“Can you even do that?” I asked.
“Let’s find out.”

I love that we get a chance to catch up with all of the characters that we have come to know and love throughout the series. Their stories continue to develop, and new characters add to the wonderful dynamic only gets better with every book.

Desandra shrugged her shoulders. “Hey, Kate? Have you thought of walking up to Hugh and telling him that he’s got the biggest dick ever?” She spread her arms to the size of a baseball bat.
“No, you think it would work?” I asked.
“It’s worth a try. Maybe he’ll be so happy you noticed his pork sword, he’ll forget all about trying to kill us.”
Pork sword. Kill me now.

And, of course, there’s the continuation of a kickass romance between Kate Curran – functional, committed and very much in love, these two are a PNR powerhouse, and whether they are fighting together, teasing and joking, being sweet and romantic or acting on their awesome chemistry, I love every moment with them!

“You’re crazy, you know that?”
“Yes. But I’m a demon in the sack.”
I laughed. “Okay then. That fixes everything.”
“That’s right, it does.”

“I love you,” I told him. There. Nice and simple. “I knew you would find me.”
He smiled at me. “I would never stop looking.”

The book builds to a climax that has been coming for a few books now, and it ends on a huge twist that I didn’t see coming and which is going to change everything about the series from here on. I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here.

A fantastic read, I loved it. 4.5 stars.


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