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4.5 stars!

I loved the first book in this series, The One Real Thing. Not only was it a wonderful story, but I fell in love with the town of Hartwell and its residents and I have been so excited to dive back into this world – this time for the story of Bailey and Vaughn (this book can also easily be read as a standalone).

Bailey Hartwell is all kinds of awesome. She runs her family’s popular, much-loved inn on Hart’s Boardwalk, and has a close circle of friends that she loves dearly. She is bold and confident, she speaks her mind (which I love!), she has a huge heart, and is fiercely protective of her friends and her town.

Vaughn Tremaine is a wealthy businessman who moved to Hartwell from New York City. He is a hotel magnate, and from the moment he came to town with plans to build a hotel on the boardwalk, he and Bailey have been enemies. She didn’t want him in her town, he came in and built his hotel anyway. It’s been three years and they still can’t hold a civil conversation – antagonising each other at every available opportunity.

When Bailey’s life takes an unexpected turn, it becomes a huge wake up call for her and she finally takes a close look at Vaughn – at her reaction to him, and his to her – and she realises that there is more to their epic cold war than she realised.

We were two people who were attracted to each other and didn’t want to be.
Of course there was going to be hostility.
And here I thought he was just a dick.

OMG, I love this relationship! The enemies-to-lovers trope is a favourite of mine and this one is fantastic! Full of chemistry, banter, and heated glares, I could feel everything that was building between them. The book is written in dual POV so we know exactly what both of them are feeling, and I love that Bailey is the one to step up and finally make a move on the man that intrigues her and makes her burn like no other.

“Take me into my room, Vaughn. Take control so I don’t have to. I want you to. I want you to lay me down on that bed and take what you want. You want to right?” I looked deep into his hard eyes and shivered at the heat I found in them. “I bet you’ve thought about it. Fucking the hostile Princess of the Boardwalk into submission.”

And Vauhgn! Who would have thought the smooth, controlled and seemingly cold businessman was actually so freaking hot!!! He brings that control into the bedroom, but when he gets revved up, watch out! The man is all passion and fire, and the sexy time is absolutely steaming!

Hot as fuck.
Bailey Harwell liked a little dirt in bed.
No lily-white princess.
Loyal. Fierce. Protective. Kind. Strong. Funny. Sassy. Sexy. And goddamn perfect for him in bed.

But despite their red-hot passion for each other, their story is not an easy one. There are personal issues which stop them from throwing themselves all-in and there is some back and forth, but it’s written really well, and their history of more than three years of animosity laced with sexual tension only adds to intensity of everything that is happening between them. It’s a deliciously angsty ride as we watch Bailey and Vaughn fight the inevitable, but the culmination of all of that build-up is well worth the wait. Their love story is beautifully romantic, epically swoony and super hot!

“I didn’t want to want you.”
“I didn’t want to want you, either, but I did.” Vaughn stepped closer to me. “you are everything I’ve never known, I fell in love with you a long time ago, princess. I’ve tried to fight it, but I can’t, and I don’t want to anymore.”

And once they make the decision to be together, there is no stupid and no unnecessary drama pulling them apart. They are committed and functional, and very much in love, and I love that!

The rest of the Boardwalk crew are a big part of the story, as are Bailey and Vaughn’s families, and I loved the introduction of new characters, we well as catching up with those that we have already met. I especially loved how everybody was all involved in Bailey and Vaughn’s business as they all watched the drama unfold.

“I was wondering.”
“If it’s uncomfortable.”
“If what’s uncomfortable?”
“Having your head that far up your ass.”
“You’re a real comedian today, Lawson.”
“You’re making it easy for me.”

There’s also the ongoing saga of the Devlin family and their plans to get a hold of the Boardwalk. It impacts on both Bailey and Vaughn, and creates a nice sense of tension, and I like the over-arching storyline that it brings to the series – as well as the hints of things to come.

I loved this book. It’s a fantastic blend of humour, drama, angst, and sexy, intense romance. Bailey and Vaughn’s story sucked me in from the very start and I was hooked all the way through. There are hints given to future books, and both Emery and Dahlia’s stories look like they’re going to be amazing! I cannot wait for more!

I stared up at him. “I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone. It scares the living daylights out of me.”
He grinned. Huge. A boyish, wicked grin that made me feel like my heart might burst out of my chest. “Welcome to my world.”


4.5 stars

Advanced Review Copy generously provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Hart’s Boardwalk

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The One Real Thing (#1)
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Every Little Thing (#2)
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On Hart’s Bordwalk (#2.5, On Dublin Street, #6.7)
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