Review: Stroke of Midnight (Midnight Breed, #13.5) by Lara Adrian

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4 quick, exciting, sexy stars

This is a great novella set in the Midnight Breed world, but stands separate from the main storyline (though it does loosely tie in). Jehan is a Breed (vampire) Prince, but his true calling in life is as a warrior with the Order in Rome, working with Lazaro Archer. A cold and ruthless killer, he is proud of his noble work, knowing that he is making a difference in the Breed’s battle against their foes.

But his life takes a huge shift when his family call him home to Morocco to fulfil an ancient contract – one that would see him blood-bonded to a woman from a rival tribe in order to maintain peace. It’s a destiny he has been aware of for a year, but one that he has zero intention of fulfilling. But his commitment to his family sees him travelling home to at least make an show of being the faithful son.

His intended is Seraphina. A strong-willed, confident breedmate who is committed to her humanitarian work, and who is just as disinterested in the pact as Jehan is – even though tradition requires them to be secluded for a period of 8 days to complete the bonding.

On their first meeting there is a strong spark of attraction between them, but they make their situations clear to each other, and they enter into the arrangement expecting that they will spend the 8 days avoiding each other at all costs. But when real life intrudes and an unexpected threat emerges, they are thrust together, and their passion for each other will become too strong to resist.

“I Should’ve walked away. Now, it’s too late. It’s too fucking late for both of us.”

I really enjoyed this story. Jehan and Sera are great characters, and I love their individual strength and confidence. Their love story is fast-paced (as you would expect with a novella), and I loved their honesty and no-nonsense manner with each other. Their chemistry is sensational, the sexual tension is palpable, and the sexy time is passionate and super-hot, with a nice amount of emotion, and I loved watching them come together.

This was great read. Easy, and angst-free yet exciting and entertaining, it’s a great addition to the Midnight Breed series, and I loved it.

4 stars.


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