Review: Tyrant (King, #2) by T.M. Frazier

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“You and me… we’re a forever kind of thing.”

4 dark and intense stars

Following on from the sensational King, this book picks up right from that shocking ending and gives us the conclusion to King and Doe’s story. Raw and gritty, this book is just as dark as the first – possibly even more so – but the character development is fantastic and the love story (though raw and intense, just like King himself) is beautiful! Pretty much anything I say will be a spoiler for either of the books, but I’m going to try and keep this review as vague as possible.

Doe is back with her family, and is starting to remember snippets of her past but still with no real memory of her life as it was. Meanwhile, King has his own battles to fight – scary and violent and battles that will endanger not only his life, but everybody that he cares about.

God, I loved this book! Like the first, it is dark, gritty and incredibly graphic in its intensity, but T.M. Frazier does an amazing job of putting you into these characters’ worlds and I felt everything! There are two definite stories being told, Doe’s and King’s, and though they obviously intertwine, both of them have battles to face and I loved the incredible detail and raw emotion that was written into their journeys.

King’s life, and everything he has dreamed of is in jeopardy. There’s a brutal threat that he needs to eliminate, and not everybody will make it out unscathed, but he is fighting hard for the woman he loves, and his protectiveness, his passion and his need for her never wavers.

“In this world, there is very little I believe in, Pup. But I believe we belong together.”
“You don’t believe in God?” I asked.
“No, Pup. The only thing I have faith in, is you.”

And once again, I thought Doe really shined. Even though she’s back at home, after her time with King she is now completely out of her element in her old life, and she’s struggling to come to terms with it all. And even though she’s lonely, confused and trying hard to figure everything out, she never turns her back on the man she loves or loses sight of who she has become, and I really admire that about her.

“I wasn’t about to wear white and pretend to be an angel when I’d lived and fallen in love with the devil.”

The intensity between King and Doe is as strong as ever, but they have huge hurdles in their way, and the twists and turns in this story are shocking! There are some huge surprises, and Frazier holds nothing back, unveiling her story in raw and graphic detail, and let me just tell you this is not a read for the faint-hearted! Again, we are taken deep into a dark world where sex, drugs, violence, and vile betrayal are part of life. It’s brutal in places, but Frazier does it so well, and it’s an amazing read.

The book finishes off in a great place for King and Doe, and I admit to a few tears as their story wrapped up. But it left me desperate for Bear’s story, and I can’t wait to dive into that one.

I loved it – 4 stars.


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