Review: Soulless (King, #4) by T.M. Frazier

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It was far from a romance.
But it was still a love story.
And it was ours.

4 stars!

Soulless is the third book in the King series and the conclusion to Bear and Thia’s story. Like Lawless, it is dark and gritty, and shows a romance that is raw and passionate, filled with tons of sexy time. It is full of suspense and twists that kept me flipping pages until the end. There is not much I can say plot wise about Soulless without spoiling Lawless or exposing the twists in this book, but know that T.M. Frazier delivers a perfect conclusion to Bear and Thia’s story.

At the start of Soulless, Bear and Thia are dealing with what went down at the end of Lawless. Bear is a changed man after Thia reentered his life. He loves her completely and will do anything to protect her, including make choices he knows she wouldn’t agree with.

This pink haired girl from the past came barreling into my life and it was like for the first time, I’d found a purpose. A real genuine purpose…a true reason to live again.

Thia and Bear have an fierce love that is all-comsumming. They are loyal and would do anything for the other, and we see the fight they go through to be together as the story unfolds. They understand each other completely and are perfect as a couple. Their love remains strong as they find themselves in bigger predicaments that have us cringing at what they go through and rooting for their HEA.

“Home?” he asked, pounding on his chest with his fist. “This,” he said. “This is your home.” He lifted my hands by my wrists and pressed my open palms to his chest. “This is your home.”

This book is fast paced and kept me guessing the whole time. T.M. Frazier likes to write dark suspenseful romances, and this is exactly what we got! And I loved it.

We are also introduced to Rage and I loved her too. She is a complete badass even though she looks like a cheerleader/prom queen. She loves blowing things up and never misses a mark. She disappeared from the story too fast though and I am hoping we get to see her again in her own set of books!! *Update: Rage has a book!! Check out All the Rage!

And OMG that epilogue!?  


We started as a broken promise, one never meant to be kept.
We ended on the promise of forever.


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