Review: Midnight Untamed (Midnight Breed, #14.5) by Lara Adrian

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A short, sweet romance with all of the Breed action and intensity that I love about this series.

3.5 stars!

Lara Adrian takes us back to Italy with this novella, where we catch up with Ettore ‘Savage’ Selvaggio, a Breed warrior who works for the Order in Rome alongside Lazaro Archer. Respected as the ruthless killer that he is, Ettore is sent on a mission to take out the key player in the distribution of the deadly drug, Red Dragon, but just as he is set to blow his target sky high, he spots the only woman he has ever loved behind enemy lines.

Bella Genova is a breedmate, and the younger sister of Ettore’s best friend from his pre-Order days. Their love was only beginning to blossom when they were cruelly torn apart, but in the ten years since they have seen each other none of that emotion has dimmed and she is equally as stunned as Ettore when he reappears in her life and, despite her protests, he quickly whisks her away.

There are misunderstandings to be cleared up and secrets to be revealed, but for the most part this is a chemistry-filled, super-functional reconnection of soul mates, and it’s a deliciously sexy and swoony second-chance at love for Ettore and Bella.

“I walked away once,” he snarled. “God help us both, I don’t think I can ever do it again.”

But with a vicious madman after them and Bella’s family at risk, the danger isn’t over yet and there is some action and excitement before they can claim their HEA.

I really enjoyed this story. The romance is gorgeous, and it’s fast paced and intense from the very beginning – but given the history between the characters, and the fact that this is a novella and therefore needs to move quickly, I was totally fine with it.

This book doesn’t seem to have much impact on the overall Midnight Breed story arc, but there’s a great introduction to Scythe and Chiara who are the hero and heroine of the next book, and I really like set up for their story.

A great addition to the series, and as always I’m looking forward to continuing on.

3.5 stars.


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