Review: Catching Carly (Barley Cross, #2) by Emma Hart

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4.5 stars!

Catching Carly by Emma Hart is another fun, lighthearted, entertaining read and I loved it. It’s got two tropes I enjoy – best friend’s brother and enemies-to-lovers – and both are well done and well combined.

Carly is best friends with Brooke and Cain from Being Brooke. She loves them but since they got together she feels like a third wheel and can’t help but realize she may be left behind as they move on.

He and Brooke are kissing, and a twinge of jealousy sparks in the pit of my stomach. It’s followed immediately by guilt, because I have no right to be jealous of them. I wanted nothing more than my best friends to love each other.
Still, I think as I walk to my car. It’s amazing how something that’s made them so happy has made me… not so happy.

Zeke is Cain’s older brother and their closeness ensures he is a constant in Carly’s life whether she likes it or not. Carly and Zeke have never really gotten along and tend to drive each other crazy. Their friendship, if that’s what you want to call it, is changed and made messier after one night of passion. Carly refuses to acknowledge their connection but Zeke isn’t quick to let go.

I loved this book and its fun, sweet, sexy, tension filled goodness. The characters are fun and lovable and the story is a great take on the best-friend’s brother trope.

Carly is sassy, funny, and speaks her mind. She has no filter which lands her in awkward situations all the time that had me laughing and cringing simultaneously. She desperately fights her feelings towards Zeke by denying the connection they share and it did get a bit frustrating as the book went on. There were times I wanted to shake my head at her but it didn’t last too long and I wanted to cheer when she said what was on her mind no matter how scared she was.

Zeke was burned in the past and unfortunately, it changed the way he now views relationships. Though he doesn’t love labels, he is persistent and goes after what he wants. He knows exactly how to push Carly’s buttons creating hilarious situations through the book. And as much as he loved to rile her up he is also so sweet and gentle, and will make you swoon.

“You want all this stuff. This happy ending and a fairytale and the happily fucking ever fucking after.” He rubs his hand down his face. “And I know I don’t want that…”
“I don’t want that, Carly, because I don’t just want any old shit. I don’t want a happy ending, or a fairytale, or a happily ever after. I want your fucking happily ever after. I don’t want that happy ending stuff unless I can have it with you.”


There’s just a little bit of angst in this story keeping it a light and entertaining romantic comedy. I loved the way Zeke and Carly came together and how their relationship progresses.  I felt their connection and enjoyed the fantastic banter and the sexual tension they couldn’t write off. It’s off the charts and they we’re entertaining and so good together.

“I still hate you.”
His lips twitch. “I know. But it’s fun when you hate me.”

“Fun.” I run my tongue across the roof of my dry mouth. “How can that be fun?”
“Because,” he says quietly, the word almost drowned out the wave that crashes around us. “It’s a toss-up in moments like these.”
I shouldn’t ask.
I don’t want to know.
“What’s a toss-up?”
“Whether I kiss you or not.”

I also loved getting glimpses into Brooke and Cain’s life and their unconditional support and love for Carly and Zeke. Overall, it was a entertaining, fast-paced story that left a huge smile on my face.


Barley Cross series


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Catching Carly (#2)
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