ARC Review: Dirty Souls (Sins Duet, #2) by Karina Halle

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“This isn’t just young love … This is mad love. The kind that’s incurable.

Damn, this book was a wild ride! Dark, gritty and sexy, totally unexpected and breathtakingly exciting, I struggled to put it down.

4 wild stars

This book picks up right after the end of Black Hearts, following Violet and Vincente on their journey to learn more about Violet’s family history. On their own and crazy for each other, the intensity of their relationship is instantly recaptured and I loved their wild, dirty, all-consuming love for each other.

I need to figure out how to keep this forever. Her, me the open desert. I don’t fucking need anything else. I may be young but I know enough that sometimes you don’t need the world. You just need that one person to rule the world with.

It’s sexy, it’s intense and it’s all kinds of hot, but there is a deep emotional connection between Violet and Vicente that is undeniable, and I loved watching that develop further as Violet finds the confidence to follow her heart, and Vicente experiences genuine love and something pure for the first time in his life.

“No matter where you are. Violet, you’re under my skin. You’re in my bones. You’re in the sun, the moon, the light in my dark. Your heart beats in the air I breathe and I don’t know how I survived this long in the world without it.”

But their wild, forbidden relationship is put to the test as they are taken down a path that neither of them expected. Reminiscent of the action and intrigue of The Artists Trilogy, this book takes us deep into the dark and dirty world of a Mexican drug cartel and it’s so intense! Vicente’s ruthless father, Javier Bernal has nefarious plans, and Violet’s parents, Ellie and Camden, are swept up in the action, and the mind games and brutal violence are shocking as the past clashes with the present, and nobody will be left unscarred.

This is us. This is the edge of danger. This is a love that has changed everything for everyone.

Oh. My. God. This book is INTENSE! So much happens that I wasn’t expecting, and I was shocked and horrified as it all played out. It’s an absolutely thrilling ride and I was never really sure of where it was going to go, and I love the element of surprise that kept me wondering what was going to happen. The action kept me turning pages wildly, but the best part of all of it is the character dynamics – love, hate and brutal betrayal, it creates a fantastic read that had my heart pounding until the very last pages.

But though there’s all sorts of crazy going down, this is first and foremost a romance, and Violet and Vicente are fantastic together. He’s not the kind of hero that every romance fan would swoon over, but their chemistry is crazy and their soul-deep love for each other is beautifully explored – dark, dirty and passionate, I could feel their need for each other, and the swoony moments were gorgeous.

“I never thought I could love, never believed it would happen for a man like me. Sometimes I wondered if it even existed. But then you stepped into my world and became my world and now it’s all that I know.” He takes in a deep breath, his expression softening. “I love you, my mirlo. I love you to the point of danger. Danger because where you go, I will go. Because I will do everything and anything to keep you with me. This isn’t the end of us. There will never be an end of us. Ever.”

I really enjoyed this book. It’s written in the dual POV of Violet and Vicente, with additional chapters from Ellie and Javier, and I really liked that we got the different perspectives because it gives us a full and informed view of all that is going down.  And can I just say a quick word about Javier…


Raw, gritty, dark, sexy and romantic with hold-your-breath action and lots of twists and turns, this book is a wild ride from start to finish. It’s the kind of writing that Karina does so well, and I was completely immersed in this story.

4 stars.

An Advanced Reader Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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