Review: More than Forever (More Than, #4) by Jay McLean

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“This is a story of a boy, and a girl, falling in love. Or at least it should be. But it’s more than that. It’s a story of a boy and a girl who fell so hard in love that love was the only thing they knew. And for so long, that love was enough. That love was their everything.”

5 stars for an epic ‘forever’ love

OMG, I am exhausted after that incredible, beautiful journey! What a story!

Ever since I met Cam and Lucy in More than This, I have been a mad fan of this amazing couple! They are affectionate, funny, smutty, and so crazy in love. Every time they come into the story, it would only get more awesome, so I have been beyond excited to get to this book. But as excited as I’ve been to read it, it’s also scared me because they are so absolutely perfect together, I don’t want to see them go through any drama or heartache. And oh, holy hell. From blissed out first love, through absolute hilarity and the ups and downs of life, to absolute and utter heartbreak and back again, I have been on an emotional rollercoaster and I loved every second of it!

This book covers the time from when Cam and Lucy first meet at 15, through high school, and into College, crossing over with all three of the previous books, and then taking us beyond that and leading up very nicely to Dylan’s book next. I highly recommend reading these books in order so that you get the history on all of the characters, because the dynamics between them add so much awesome to the story. I read the first book four days ago, and haven’t been able to put the series down since. I can’t possibly say all that I want to say about this book. I highlighted like crazy while I was reading so please excuse my quote-whorey gushing.

The book starts by introducing us to 15 year old Cam and Lucy. We know a bit about how they got together from the earlier books in the series, but this one gives us all of the intimate details – how after the death of Lucy’s mother, she was pretty much left to raise her six younger brothers by herself while her father completely checked out of life.  And how 15 year old Cam was the only one that saw her, and invited himself into her life. Cam is there for Lucy absolutely and completely. When most 15 year olds are out partying, he is at her house helping her look after brothers, and being her one and only support during the worst period of her life. And while Cam has already well and truly fallen for Lucy, it doesn’t take her long to follow as he helps her heal and move on, and gives her the affection and the love that she didn’t know she’d been craving.

“You, Cameron. You changed. You came into my life and you healed me. You made me feel alive again.”
I tell him the truth, and with that, I give him my heart. Forever.

The beginning of their relationship is absolutely beautiful! It’s tender and innocent, and so sweet it almost had me tearing up at the beauty of it.

“You make my world stop, Lucy.”

“No more games. You’re my girl now, Luce.”

And what they feel for each other very quickly turns into something that is absolutely life changing. It’s the kind of love that all romantics dream of – it’s intense, it’s all-consuming, it’s fun and passionate, and it’s absolutely, unquestionably soul-deep.

“Do you think it’s normal? To feel that? To be sixteen and feel like your life begins and ends with one person?”
She shakes her head slowly. “It’s not dumb,” she says. “And I don’t know what’s normal. I know that I love you, and I know that I feel sorry for all the people that never get to experience the kind of love we have. Even if it’s short lived.”
My brows bunch. “You think ours will be short lived?”
She shakes her head slowly. “I don’t think anything can ever get in the way of our love. Ever.”

But it’s not all swoony, sappy stuff. This is also one of the funniest relationships I have ever read! We know that when they get older, Cam and Lucy are an incredibly smutty couple, but reading about both of them being innocent in all things love and sex, their ongoing relationship had me crying with laughter! It all starts with “Penisgate”, followed very closely by “Vaginagate” and “clitorusaurus-rex” and it just goes on from there as they grow closer and start to experience both the wonder and the reality of all things physical. They are open and honest with each other about pretty much everything, and it leads to some utterly hilarious scenes.

“It’s kind of hot. I actually enjoyed it. Until you know… the whole funky spunk in my mouth thing.”

And nothing compares to nasty Lucy in the heat of passion.  


I absolutely adore Cam and Lucy! Together they are an absolute force of nature, but even individually they are fantastic characters!

Lucy initially comes across as a shy and quiet girl, with her nose constantly stuck in her kindle (and thankfully this part of her never goes away, which is something we can all relate to), but once she is comfortable with Cameron, and starts to come into her own, she’s an absolute bombshell – she’s confident, she cares deeply for her friends and family, she is (eventually) sexy and adventurous in the bedroom, and she has the best drunken outbursts and crude insults, and is absolutely freaking hilarious.

“Quit moaning like a dick deprived whore and get out of my seat.”

“Screw you twice! In your ass! With a chainsaw!”

We already know Cam as loud, smutty and absolutely hilarious, but seeing him up close and personal in his own relationship, he is pure, teenage boyfriend perfection. He is deeply caring of his family and friends, and very much love in love with his girl – sweet, funny, gentle, patient and understanding, and beautifully open with his feelings.

“ I only ever see you, and only you, and that’s the way it’s been since we were fifteen.”
“Stop it,” she whispers, her eyes fixed on mine now.
“Stop what?”
“Stop making me fall in love with you.”
I smile now, taking her face in my hands. “I’ll never stop that, babe, ever.” I kiss her slowly, until I can no longer taste the tears on her lips. Until she knows that she owns every part of me. Forever.

But of course, all great couples have their difficult times, and Cam and Lucy have theirs too. As much as I was dreading it, I thought it was done really well. It’s a very realistic, very relatable build-up of things that just go too far, and before I knew it I was reading with tears streaming down my face. The emotion is absolutely gut-wrenching and my heart hurt for both of them with everything that they had to deal with. And I love that through it all neither of them are ever able to really let go of the other, and Jay McLean more than makes up for putting us through all of that torment by giving us a lots of happy time at the end of the book that shows us once again how amazing these two are together.

“You can keep your two wishes, I’ll just take the one. I want my girl, Lucy. My forever. And not just for our forever, but for eternity, and for always.”

As well as the old crew all being on board, we are introduced to a lot of new characters in Lucy and Cam’s families, and can I take a moment to call out both Cameron’s ‘sort of’ Dad, Mark – the man is incredible, and his and Cam’s relationship is absolute GOLD! I loved every scene with him in it! And also Lucy’s brother Lucas. He is shaping up to be quite a sensational little hero on his own – deeply caring for his family and apparently quite the lady-killer, and I’m hoping we get to see more of him.

I freaking love this book! It’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s swoony and sexy, and super emotional! Cam and Lucy’s romance is an incredible story, and I was enthralled from start to finish. If you haven’t started this series yet – pick it up now! You won’t be disappointed.

5 stars.


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