ARC Review: Mister Romance (Masters of Love, #1) by Leisa Rayven

Mister Romance

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“Wait … You think I’m going to fall in love with you?”
“No.” He takes a sip of wine and smiles. “I know it.”

5 stars!

I already suspected that Leisa Rayven could do no wrong, and she has proven herself yet again with this amazing book! Wonderful characters, great dynamics, sensational banter and dialogue, and a gorgeous, chemistry-filled love story with just the right amount of angst. I couldn’t put it down and I absolutely loved it!

Eden Tate is a journalist – a wannabe investigative journalist who is actually stuck writing click-bait pieces while she waits for her big shot at something more. When she learns about a man known as ‘Mister Romance’ – a mysterious, gorgeous man who ‘dates’ women for money (showing them all romance but no sex), she recognises the story as her opportunity. Eden doesn’t believe in romance. Her past experiences have made her cynical when it comes to all things love and she thinks that Mister Romance is a swindler, preying on lonely women to make money, so she plans to write an exposé – revealing all of his secrets and writing the story that will save her career.

Mister Romance is actually Max Riley. And when Max catches wind of Eden and her plans, he goes on the defensive to protect the anonymity of his clients, and his very livelihood. I won’t go into details, but their initial meets are made. of. Awesome! Quick-witted and funny with great banter and chemistry, I revelled in every moment. And then Max makes a deal with Eden – if she can go on three dates with him without falling for him, he will reveal all, if she does fall for him, she doesn’t write the story – and from there, it gets even better.

“If you think you’re immune to my charms, you’re fooling yourself.”
… “So, you don’t think any woman can resist you?”
“I’m sure plenty of women could. But you? No. You’re so starved of romance in your life, you’re like an emotional skeleton. I intend to put some meat back on your bones. Make you believe in something other than a bleak apocalypse.”

I love Max! Of course he’s charming, gorgeous and sexy with a great sense of humour, but his philosophy on life is gorgeous, and he’s just a genuinely great guy.

“We all have issues we’re trying to overcome, Miss Tate. Everyone wants to feel special, whether we admit it or not. And loving without limits and allowing ourselves to be loved in return is what life’s all about. Or at least, what it should be about. Everything else just gets in the way.”

“We all need fantasies now and then. Sometimes believing our lives can be different is the only thing that keeps us going.”

The dynamic between Max and Tate is wonderfully written. It’s a mix of animosity, healthy competition, fun, sexual tension, heartfelt moments and teasing, with a simmering attraction that creates wonderful chemistry and great flirting and banter.

“Do you ever just take off your shirt and flex in front of a mirror? You know, to perv on your own hotness?”
“No. Do you ever take off your shirt and caress your breasts, just for the hell of it?”
I shrug. “Sometimes. When I get stressed, I cup my boobs and give them a reassuring squeeze.”
“Good information. Next time you’re stressing I’ll have to try that.”

And as much as they try to resist it, neither of them can deny their growing attraction to each other.

He’s a walking, breathing erogenous zone who fascinates me and infuriates me in equal measures.

“The one thing I’ve learned while doing this work is that as much as I enjoy playing out romantic fantasies, it’s still just pretend, and more and more I’m craving something real.”



I love this story! The pacing is perfect, it’s interesting and intriguing, and I love the way it all played out. I felt everything that was building between Eden and Max, my heart was pounding as the romance developed, and there is the perfect amount of angst to keep you frantically flipping pages without it becoming annoying. And the love story is beautiful, passionate and incredibly heartfelt.

“You’re not my client. You never have been. And even if you were, I’d break every fucking rule I’ve ever held sacred just to be inside you right now.”

And I love that the story isn’t predictable. Max’s very job and the nature of their meeting makes things interesting from the beginning, but there are secrets to be revealed, some fantastic character development, and with both of their careers on the line you never know how it’s all going to end up. But I was captivated as it all unfolded.

“You disrupted my entire world, Even Tate. I’m used to being the one in control. The one people fall in love with. I’m not supposed to fall in love.”

This book is another example of why Leisa Rayven is one of my favourite authors. She has written incredible characters that you can’t help but love, the dynamics are phenomenal and the dialogue and banter is fantastic. Her writing is sharp, engaging and emotive and sucked me in from the very beginning. And of course the love story is fun, passionate and heart-poundingly intense. From start to finish this book is a wonderful reading experience, and a must read for contemporary romance fans.

Absolutely fantastic – 5 stars!

An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


Masters of Love

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Mister Romance (#1)
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Professor Feelgood (#2)
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