Review: Everywhere and Every Way (Billionaire Builders, #1) by Jennifer Probst

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4 stars!

This is a sweet, fun, easy and low-angst read that is a blend of the HGTV building/renovating shows that I love, and Jennifer Probst’s no-nonsense, sweet and steamy romance. A truly enjoyable read, and I loved it.

Caleb Pierce is a builder working with his father in the family’s luxury construction business. When his tyrannical father dies suddenly, Caleb and his two estranged younger brothers are brought back together for the first time since their family fell apart after the death of their mother. It is then that they learn that a stipulation in their father’s will states that the three of them have to live and work together for a year, running the Pierce Brothers Construction, and make it turn a profit. If they don’t, the business will be sold out from underneath them. The company is Caleb’s life, and he is the best at what he does, and he convinces his two reluctant brothers, Tristan and Dalton, to stay with him and see the year through.

Morgan Raines is the go-to designer for wealthy celebrities. She takes on building projects from start to finish, overseeing every minute detail of her client’s jobs and delivering the luxurious homes of their dreams. For her latest job, Pierce Brothers is the only company that she wants for the job and she’ll stop at nothing to get them.

Caleb and Morgan clash from the very beginning. Not only is Caleb already irritable from the constant bickering with his brothers, but then a sassy, spoiled designer is in town demanding that he work with her… um, no thanks. But when he realises that her project could be the key to saving his company, he puts his personal feelings aside and dives into the daunting task of building a luxury home in just 5 months.

I loved the dynamic between Caleb and Morgan. They argue, but there is a grudging respect between them as they both recognise the others’ skills, and of course there’s a raging attraction that adds delicious sexual tension. The chemistry absolutely sizzles as they both try to ignore the pull between them. Until it proves impossible, and Caleb suggests that they hook up for the duration of the project.

“Problem is, I’m not thinking very proper thoughts when I look at you. I keep thinking about messing you up. Getting dirty. Making you scream. Stuff like that.”

There is hotness and sexy time galore, and Caleb and Morgan soon find themselves in way over their heads as their mad physical attraction to each other becomes something so much more meaningful than either of them ever expected. And thank God and Jennifer Probst that they don’t mess around with it. They admit what they’re feeling, they talk about what they want and they just go with it, both eager to explore what they could have together. And I love that!

He wasn’t a man to give love easily. But once he did, Morgan knew she’d be his own personal queen, because that was the way he made her feel every day and every time he looked at her.

I loved these characters. Caleb is an alpha who works hard, takes pride in what he does, and who goes after what he wants. He’s not all that big on talking about his feelings, but I loved seeing the soft side of him come out as he falls for Morgan, and reconnects with his brothers. And Morgan is a great character. She’s also a hard worker who is smart strong and no-nonsense, and I loved how she lived her life on her terms, but was still completely open to being a part of Caleb’s life, and all that that entailed.

But their project is coming to an end and Morgan is due to leave town. And there’s part of her past that Caleb doesn’t know about that could be a deal breaker. It’s a journey for them as they figure out what they want and how to make it work, and it was a joy watching it all play out.

As a fan of all things renovation, I really liked the building side part of the story, and I enjoyed how it tied in so closely with the romance. It’s a huge part of who Caleb and Morgan are, so it makes sense that it’s a focus of the book and I thought it was balanced really well. It’s also a major part of Caleb’s relationships with his brothers, and that was really nicely explored. I loved delving into their pasts, seeing the issues that tore them apart and watching them finally start to bridge the gap and become a part of each other’s lives again. And Morgan’s part in that was also really nicely done.

I really enjoyed this book. It’s an easy read which is mercifully low on drama yet has a nice amount of emotion, and I loved the characters and their romance. It’s a strong start to a new series, and with hints dropped about future books, I’m really excited to read Dalton and Tristan’s stories.

4 stars.


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