ARC Review: Stay (WAGs, #2) by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy


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“The best things in life are the ones you don’t expect.”

I loved it! 4.5 stars!

There’s something special about Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen together, and in this book they have given us another funny, sexy romance that is lots of fun but with a whole lot of heart, and I loved every moment of this story!

This is the second book in the WAGs series, which spins off from the Him duet, but it could be read as a standalone – though where’s the fun in that? You’d be missing out some awesome reads, so do yourself a favour and check them all out!

Matthew Eriksson is another powerhouse NHL player from Toronto. His marriage fell apart when his wife couldn’t handle his hockey schedule, and he is struggling with his new reality of having to deal with a nagging ex-wife, only having limited time with his adorable 4-year-old twin daughters, and coming to the realisation that love and sport don’t mix.

Hailey has also suffered through the heartache of divorce. After marrying her childhood sweetheart, they called it quits a little over a year ago after realizing they were better friends than lovers. But they still work together, running the business that they started, offering confidential personal assistant services to paying online customers.

Hailey loves her job, but she lives for the requests that she gets from a high-profile anonymous client that she suspects may just be her favourite hockey player. Their online chats are flirty and full of banter and though they have never met, they share a connection which resonates with them both. In fact, Matt feels is somewhat obsessed with the mysterious woman who caters to his every need, and when he sees her in his apartment after she has walked his dog, he knows he needs to get to know her.

He’s already one up on me. He’s been on the receiving end of a couple of Hottie’s kisses.
I’ve got nothing. It’s the first time I’ve ever been jealous of my dog.

Matt absolutely melted me.  After the first book I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but the man is an absolute sweetheart with a fantastic sense of humor, and I completely fell for him!

These days, I’m not looking to tag-team two chicks with one of my teammates.  I’d rather watch Disney movies with my kids and catch some sports highlights before bed.  And maybe enjoy a nice dinner with a particular hottie…

And he and Hailey together are something truly special.  They have a strong attraction to each other, and though Matt is wary about becoming involved with somebody again there’s something about Hailey that he can’t resist. Hailey is completely smitten with Matt, but can’t quite believe his interest in her, and her nervousness around her idol is charming and funny as he works to convince her to give him a chance.

“You haven’t stammered and stuttered in a while now that I think about.” A grin stretches his sexy mouth. “Could someone finally be warming up to me?”
I warmed up to you the day we met. I melted for you the second you kissed me.

Their connection is palpable and the chemistry between them sizzles from the very beginning, but there is a bit of a slow burn. They are both wary and there’s lots of time spent getting to know each other and opening up to each other, and the pacing is perfect! It builds the anticipation and the sexual tension is fantastic, and when it all comes together… hot holy damn!

“Maybe I can convince you to kiss me again. I’m right here, honey. Come get me.”

But as much as they are coming to mean to each other, Matt’s history has hurt him deeply. Will Hailey be able to convince him that they truly can have it all?

This is such a fun read, and I loved everything about this book! I love Matt and Hailey, I love their friendship and their love story, their fun and flirty banter, their heartfelt conversations and the sweet, sexy romance which builds beautifully and naturally throughout the story. I loved catching up with Blake and Jess from the last book, and of course Wes and Jamie (aka ‘Wesmie’). The hockey boys and the WAGs as groups are awesome, and I thought that all of the different aspects of the story came together perfectly. It’s low drama with no angst, just a whole lot of awesome romance, and I loved it from start to finish. And that hint for the next book has me desperate for more.

Absolutely fantastic – 4.5 stars.

An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.




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