ARC Review: Bad Deeds (Dirty Money, #3) by Lisa Renee Jones

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4.5 stars!

Bad Deeds, the third book in the Dirty Money series, picks up where Damage Control ended. Emily’s life is still in danger, the business is as corrupt as ever, and Shane is trying to right the wrongs his family brought to the table while keeping everyone safe.

There are so many games being played in this book that it is easy to find yourself fully emerged in its complexity.  It’s hard to know who is friend and who is foe, and with rules that are continuously changing, there is no way to know which side will come out on top. There are twists weaved throughout the story making the important decisions all the more difficult and you’ll find yourself questioning everything alongside the characters because nothing is as it seems.

Promises, even well-intended ones, are like water in a cracked glass. One wrong lift or squeeze and it shatters, and in this case, with potentially bloody consequences.

Emily and Shane are back and better than ever. The passion and strength of their love is heartwarming and I felt the intensity of their connection as they take on the challenges they face together. They truly listen and understand one another, and they are fully committed and would risk everything for each other. They don’t just connect romantically but rather stay strong as partners in every aspect of their lives.

“You aren’t my weakness,” he says softly, but somehow vehemently. “You’re just the opposite. You’re the complete contradiction to everything that is this family, and you remind me of the change I’m fighting for.”

They are a united force and unstoppable when they are together but they are tested as the game gets more complicated. Difficult decisions and surprising actions are made and lines will be crossed.

Give me everything or nothing. I can’t do in between…Stop holding things back from me. I want the good, bad, and ugly.

Emily’s actions are realistic and true to her nature. She is vulnerable and her emotions and fears are very much believable. But she is brave and strong and I loved her confidence. I love that she continually backs Shane yet doesn’t shy away from letting her own opinions be known. She is the person who makes a difference and the only one perfect for Shane.

She whispers my name and everything else fades. There is just the here and now. There is just Emily. She is the sunshine that was never supposed to exist in this storm I’m living. A calming breeze in the heat of demand, and still she manages to be fire in my blood. In this moment, I know it’s with her that I will always find me. With her, I will always escape them.

Shane’s unwavering determination to protect Emily and take back the company is gallant. He’s smart, sexy, and a total alpha who would do anything for her. When he’s hit with life changing decisions that challenge his morals, the line dividing good and bad, right and wrong, is blurred.

There is something beneath his surface, a darkness—anger, even. I wonder what will happen when it surfaces.
And who will get hurt.

All that Shane and Emily are give me hope that they will persevere no matter what is thrown their way, especially the brutal, heartstopping cliffhanger that has left me desperate for the fourth book, End Game.

*ARC generously provided by the author and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*


Dirty Money series

*This series will have FIVE full-length books in it. The first four will be Emily and Shane’s story and the fifth will follow Seth Cage, Shane’s right-hand man.

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