Review: With Everything I Am (The Three Series, #2) by Kristen Ashley

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“You love me?”
He answered without hesitation. “With everything I am … and everything I’m meant to be.”

Three cheers for Kristen Ashley, she’s done it again! I knew it was going to be good. I planned my weekend around this book’s release, clearing my schedule so that I could get totally absorbed back into this world with minimal interruption, and all I can say is – it was absolutely worth it!

The second book in ‘The Three’ series, we get to meet Sonia, and Callum, the King of the Werewolves. I won’t go into too much storyline here, because you can read the synopsis, but God, I love this book! I love the werewolf life, customs, and the structure of their world. And OMFG I freaking LOVE Callum!!! Yes, he’s a brash, sexist, controlling and demanding Alpha, but he’s a werewolf, it’s to be expected because it’s his nature and it’s all he knows. Plus he’s King of the werewolves, so it’s to be expected even more! (but he can still be really tender and gentle and calls Sonia “little one” *clutches heart*). And that’s a huge part of this series – these supernatural OTT Alphas meeting their mortal mates and the struggle for the couple to find their balance as they fall in love and their two completely different worlds come together.

The love story between Callum and Sonia is absolutely beautiful! With the story being told in both of their POVs, we get to see everything that they are feeling, and with KA’s beautiful writing, you feel it right along with them.

I find myself a little torn over Sonia. Here she is, thrust into this world which is totally new to her. As a mortal with no knowledge of the supernatural world, she is told that Callum and his “people” are not human, but it never occurs to her to ask what they are. Bizarre!! She’s also the kind of heroine that overhears and misunderstands things, holding on to it, blowing it all out of proportion and letting it turn her bitter and angry, never actually talking to Callum to work through what’s really going on. *sigh*. But all of this is resolved, and it’s resolved with so much freaking swoon that it was all forgotten and forgiven immediately! But through it all she loved her wolf and I loved that she was strong enough to try and protect herself from getting hurt, but still be willing to become a part of his world, and embrace all that that entailed. Her life had been incredibly difficult, and yet she takes everything in her stride, and just deals with it as best as she can. And I like that about her.

It was Callum’s story that really touched me, as the whole time he and Sonia were together and he was falling for her, he knew that Sonia was mortal (and unwell), and that their time together would be brief, but he still gave her everything he had and he loved her immensely. Towards the end of the book he had me in a constant state of swoon.

“I loved you before you took your first breath on this earth because that was my fate but you made me love you because you’re just… fucking… you.”

Along with all of this glorious swoon and emotion, the sex is intense! It’s the wolf way – they like it hard and rough, and they like it a lot. And with one little statement from Callum – “Baby doll, you’re about to be claimed” – my pulse was set racing. And it continued throughout the whole book! But it didn’t feel unnecessary. Sex is a very intense connection for Callum and Sonia, and as it is not only the way the wolf claims his mate, but also the way that they express themselves to each other, it’s an incredibly important part of their relationship (see me rationalising the smut here… it’s totally working too).

The cast of characters is brilliant as always, but I need to give a shout out to Ryon because he is such a sensational character! Callum’s cousin and best friend, he has spent a lot of time in the human world, and he keeps an eye on Sonia to see how she is acclimatising to her new life, and then counsels Callum on how he should be treating his new mate. I love this quality piece of advice:

“Female humans need communication, a lot of it. It’s fucking annoying but, trust me, you’re better off giving it to her than suffering the consequences.”

There are twists and turns as Callum’s world goes to war, Sonia’s ‘gifts’ and the secrets from her past are slowly revealed, and the mysterious Prophesies once again come into play – forcing a long, and very welcome, visit from Lucien and Leah. Squeee!!! I loved seeing them again, and seeing them still so blissfully happy and in love.

And the ending of the book had me absolutely sobbing! KA always brings the drama in the last 10% of her books, and even though I was anticipating it, when it happened, it just floored me. Absolute, emotion-fest! But of course there is a HEA and an epilogue, and we even get a very brief glance at the final pair of lifemates to complete the prophecy. All very mysterious I can’t wait for their story!

KA, as always, you never let me down. I bow down and worship at your feet.

5 amazing stars!


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