Review: Beneath the Truth (Beneath, #7) by Meghan March

Beneath the Truth

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Absolutely fantastic! 5 stars!

Meghan March sure knows how to finish off a series with a bang, and Rhett Hennessy’s long-awaited story was everything that I was hoping for and more! Intense, romantic, sexy and emotional, with a gorgeous best-friend’s-brother romance that is full of heart and intensity, and a mystery/suspense/thriller storyline that had me on the edge of my seat, this book held me absolutely captivated and I loved every moment of it.

This book can be read as a standalone, but as the seventh and final book in the series, there will be context missing if you haven’t read the earlier books – plus the cameos from other characters won’t be as utterly awesome as I found them to be.

Rhett Hennessy (formerly Detective Hennessy) has been a part of this series since the very beginning, popping up here and there, but never a really strong part of the action until Beneath These Lies gave us the opportunity to get to know him better. That book only made me love him more, and I have been desperate for him to have his own book, and to see him get his much-deserved HEA. Rhett’s life has been difficult in the time we’ve known him. A detective from a family of cops, his devastating experiences have left him completely lost, leading him to leave the force, and his home town, and this book sees him returning to New Orleans after a year away to face even more family tragedy.

Ariel is the younger sister of Rhett’s best friend, Heath. She grew up next door to the Hennessys, madly in love with Rhett who was the subject of all of her teenaged (and most of her adult) fantasies. He is three years older than her and though he was always sweet to her, he never noticed her the way she wanted, and she has since moved to LA and become a millionaire CEO of her own tech company. A genius yet delightfully geeky, and refreshingly confident in her own skin, Ari is both relatably awkward and an absolute firecracker and I adore her! It takes a special heroine to be worthy of our beloved Hennessy, and Ari is absolutely that. And her visit to New Orleans brings her back into contact with Rhett, and everything is about to change for them, as sparks fly from the very beginning.

“I refuse to be anyone’s mistake. If anything, I’m a goddamned privilege.”

The chemistry between Rhett and Ari is just sensational. Though Ari had no idea, Rhett has always noticed her, he just didn’t go there out of respect for his best friend. But now that she’s all grown up, he decides that now is the time to claim the woman he’s always wanted, and Ari never stands a chance – not that she has any intention of fighting him off.

Whether she knew she was mine wasn’t the important point in my mind. It was inevitable.

The sexual tension builds from their very beginning, and every encounter just builds it further and further as Rhett and Ari flirt, banter and exchange heated stares. Rhett is a good guy with a huge heart, but he’s also totally alpha – he wants Ari and he sets about making it happen, and the anticipation is delicious as their perfectly paced romance finally starts to happen.

“Don’t tell me I didn’t notice you. I noticed every goddamned thing about you.”

And hotness! OMG, so much hotnesss! Rhett is just as hot as I always expected him to be (and a dirty talker as well!), and the sexy time is sizzling. And the emotion they already feel for each other just makes it all the more intense.

“I’m going to touch every inch of you. Memorize you. Drive every other thought from your head except how perfect you are. How much you matter to me.”

The love story unfolds beautifully – it’s natural, functional, fun, sweet, sexy and honest with a lot of heart and palpable chemistry, and I just loved these two together. Every moment is gorgeous to read. But their newfound relationship is put to the test when Rhett’s investigation into the corruption that has plagued his family seemingly collides with a dangerous threat to Ari that is about to turn both of their worlds completely upside down.

I won’t go into details because I don’t want to spoil anything, but damn, this book is intense! Shocking and surprising with lots of twists, there were moments that had me holding my breath, clutching my heart and gasping with shock – sometimes with tears rolling down my face. It’s unexpected and exciting, and OMG, it’s so well written! I could feel everything the characters were going through, and I was more and more enthralled as it all played out.

In the middle of it all we are introduced to the mysterious Mount – the man who appears to run the New Orleans underground, and who is the subject of Meghan’s upcoming Mount Trilogy. I can’t wait to get my hands on that one!

The story ends well, and the book finishes with an epilogue which gives us a glimpse at each of the couples – from the POV of each of the boys we have come to know and love. And it ends this book and the whole series absolutely beautifully.

Meghan March had me absolutely mesmerised with this story. Both the romance and the mystery/suspense were fantastic, and she did a wonderful job of combining the different elements, giving us an amazing read that I could not put down. I absolutely loved it.

5 stars!


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