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Dr. NEURO(otic)
(St. Luke’s Docuseries, #3)

by Max Monroe

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I’m Dr. Nick Raines.
Brain surgeon and notorious over-thinker, I take the analytical approach with everything, until I can determine the best, carefully calculated plan of action. It’s no shock the producers of the popular reality series The Doctor Is In have decided to call me Dr. Neurotic.

Besides my more than full-time job as Chief of Neurosurgery at St. Luke’s Hospital, I’m a single dad and my number one priority is my daughter.

But life had plans to add another priority to my list.
Charlotte Hollis. Outspoken, impulsive, and beautiful, she’s everything I didn’t know I was craving.

She makes me wonder What if?

What if I don’t have to be alone for the rest of my life to give my little girl the father she deserves?

It’s a battle—my battle: Head vs. Heart.

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4.5 stars!!

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Dr. NEURO is deeper and more serious than the previous books in the series yet still has the humor we have come to expect from a Max Monroe rom com. I’ll be honest, when I first met Nick Raines in the Billionaire Bad Boys series he was not my favorite person. I loved Winnie (Scoring the Billionaire) and when I found out that Nick, the man who left her as a single mom to follow his dreams, was the hero of Dr. NEURO, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to forgive his past actions. However, this book takes place years later and Nick is firmly in his daughter, Lexi’s life. He is doing everything he can to deserve her forgiveness and make things right, and I was sucked right into the story despite my initial reservations.

Charlotte is a headhunter working for Chase Murray International. She scouts only the best and she has her eyes set on Dr. Nick Raines, head of Neurology at St. Luke’s Hospital. She’s thinks charming him into taking a job at a new, state-of-the-art hospital in L.A. will be easy but she doesn’t know Dr. Neuro.

This story was emotional, entertaining, sweet, sexy, and addictive. I read it in one sitting and didn’t want it to end. Written in dual-POVs we get both sides of the story and I loved it.

Nick is so much more than his past. He royally screwed up and is still making up for the decision he made years before and I felt his regret and guilt. My heart hurt for the years he lost with his daughter because of his actions and I love that he recognizes his faults and refuses to jeopardize his time with Lexi ever again. Did Nick fully redeem himself? I’m not entirely sure you can ever make up for being absent in your child’s life but Nick has come pretty darn close to becoming the father he could have been from the start. I love that he puts Lexi first and she is his priority. He knows he was wrong and though he can’t change his past, he has learned from it. He is a better man now and a dedicated, swoon worthy father with the sweetest side that will give you the warm fuzzies inside. He was redeemable in my eyes and I adored him.

Charlotte was awesome. Fresh, funny, and feisty, she was instantly likable. She came into Nick’s life like a hurricane and turned everything upside down. I loved that she didn’t judge him and she understood how much Lexi meant to him. She was exactly what Nick needed to pull him from his loneliness and spice up his life.

When I didn’t have Lexi, I had the hospital. That was how it worked.
I was used to it.
But the taste of Charlotte’s temptation was treacherously sweet.

The moment they met I knew that Nick and Charlotte were meant to be. They have incredible chemistry, enjoy epic banter, and are insanely hot together. They fell into a relationship effortlessly and honestly; however, it was almost too easy and I found myself waiting for the other shoe to drop. When it did my heart sunk. The twist thrown into this story was jaw dropping and I was crushed. I felt the emotion Nick and Charlotte experienced right along with them. I thought they handled the situation as best they could even if it was heart breaking and felt so unfair. I did like the way everything worked out and I had a huge grin on my face when the last page was turned. I loved the epilogues and in the end, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Like always, the secondary characters are wonderful, especially Lexi. She is such a treat and I loved everything about her. Winnie and Wes are back as well as some new characters that make for many memorable moments. Overall, it’s a fantastic ending to an awesome series.

“I always thought it was a battle- head versus heart…”
“But it’s not. Life’s about both. You use your head to protect the ones in your heart. Nothing else matters.”

*ARC generously provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review*


Tiny Teaser

With a quick smack and a groan, I silenced the alarm and rolled over to my stomach to shove my head into the fluff of my pillow.

“Oh my God,” I grumbled.

Even the sound of my own voice was grating.

Great, I thought. This should make work interesting.

I grabbed my phone off of my nightstand, rolled back onto my back, and typed out a quick message.

Me: So, apparently, you’re a sadist.

A reply popped up nearly immediately.

Charlotte: Wimp.

Me: I’m actually sore.

Charlotte: It takes time to acclimate to the dance life. You’ve got good moves, though. Be proud, soldier, be proud.

Me: Oh, so I suppose you’re completely fine?

Charlotte: Yep. 😉

Me: I kind of hate you.

Charlotte: That wears off. Trust me. Pretty soon you won’t be able to live without me.


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