Review: Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain, #2) by Kristen Ashley

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Oh Kristen Ashley, how I love you! I’ve not found another author who can write such consistently brilliant books that take you on an absolute rollercoaster of emotions.

There’s nothing I can say about this book that I haven’t said about any of her others. The storyline is strong and the characters are absolutely brilliant with their stories and lives overlapping all over the place. There is a slow building relationship with banter, heaps of swoon and a whole lotta steam (more than the average actually). There is heart pounding action, heart breaking, sob-inducing moments, and many, many laugh out loud moments

Oh, and there’s also a serial killer on the loose. Phew! Like I said, an absolute roller coaster. And I absolutely freaking loved it!

Lauren is amazing. I had a lot of respect for her starting out her life all over again on her own terms. She is a strong woman who stands up for herself and for those she cares about. She has a lot of love for her friends and family, and a great sense of how to relate to people. I loved watching the other characters react to her.

Tate starts the book as a supreme asshole, and although I had absolute trust in KA, I knew that he would have a loooong way to come back from that introduction! But he totally did *dreamy sigh*. It took some time though, and I like the way that Lauren handled the situation – instead of ignoring it, she called him on it and made him pay (which was absolutely justified). And she made him prove himself to her before anything happened between them.

Tate can certainly bring the swoon when he wants to, but right alongisde some gorgeously sweet moments, he does have some fairly significant asshole tendencies. He does and says some really stupid (but very Alpha-like) things, but as he tells Laurie, that’s just who he is, and I actually like that he’s not perfect. It makes for some sensational clashes between the two of them, and I loved that Laurie gave the attitude right back to him, because most of the time he absolutely deserved it! They were a great match.

And because neither of them were perfect, there was a great balance to their relationship. They both had sadness in their past, and issues that they were dealing with and they were completely there for each other through some really hard times. And I loved that they both got the opportunity to be strong when the other needed to fall apart. They relied on each other completely and there was a lot of give and take, neither of them afraid to tell the other what they thought or what they needed.

“Kiss me, Tate,” I demanded softly.
“Baby -“
I lifted my head and put my lips to his, encouraging on a whisper, “I wanna catch fire, honey, and only you can bring that out for me.”
I watched up close as Tate’s eyes went intense then his head slanted and he muttered, “You got it, Ace.”
Then he kissed me. 

Despite all of the fireworks they had a functional and extremely passionate relationship and it was great watching the changes that they bought about in each other. Lauren was Tate’s calming influence, while he helped her uncover her inner Biker Babe. But they also gave each other peace, which was gorgeous to see.

A quick shout out to Jonas. What a sensational character he is. He made me laugh, he made me feel all soft and tender, then he made me cry, and then he made me laugh again. I just loved him!

The murder/mystery part of the story was kind of terrifying. Really creepy stuff, with lots of twists, and the ‘whodunnit’ aspect had me guessing right up to the big, exciting (although somewhat predictable) climax.

I guess there’s only so much gushing I can do before it all starts to get repetitive. So I’ll just say – Kristen Ashley you are a Goddess, and I can’t wait to continue on with this series.


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