ARC Review: Vampire Fight Club (Demonica, #6.5) by Larissa Ione

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More Demonica, baby! Woohoo!

This novella was originally published in the Supernatural anthology, and is now available to purchase separately. It takes us back to events after book #6 in the Demonica series (Eternal Rider, Lords of Deliverance, #1), and is a quick story featuring Underground General Nurse, Vladlena. It’s not a must-read in order to follow the overarching storyline, but mad fans of the series such as myself, will love stepping back into this world any way we can, and I loved this little quickie.

When Vladlena’s brother is killed in an underground fight club, she decides to go undercover as a medic at the Thirst nightclub – the front for supernatural fighting ring, Gladius. When she meets club Manager, Nate, he is a complete jerk to her but there is an attraction there that she fights to ignore, not knowing how involved Nate was in her brother’s death.

Nate is instantly intrigued by his new medic, and he wants her badly – more than he’s wanted anybody pretty much ever. As an ex-fighter himself, Nate seems smooth and in control, but he is battling his own demons, and his reasons for being at Thirst/Gladius are also more than what they originally seem.

The chemistry between Lena and Nate is palpable, and even in such a quick book, Ione manages to create a connection between them that you can feel. There is sexy time but there is also an emotional element to their relationship that I really liked, and when they are forced to face the unimaginable, they will realise that they finally have something to fight for… but will it be too late?

As expected, I loved this read. There’s something about being back in this world that always gets me excited, and I’m always thrilled for anything that allows me to delve right back in. I loved that we got glimpses of the Sem boys, and a nice little tie-in to the Lords of Deliverance series, and I really enjoyed the story.

A great little extra, and an enjoyable and quick read – 3.5 stars.


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