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Tempting Irish


Tempting Irish (Wild Irish, #2) by C.M. Seabrook is live!

New Adult Romance

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One rock god. One girl from his past. One ocean that can’t keep them apart.

I’ve been in love with Owen Gallagher since I was twelve years old. Before the world knew his name.

Even though it’s been years since I’ve been back to Ireland, I never forgot my Irish crush. The boy who saved me from his bully of a brother is now a dark, sexy, tattooed rock star who shreds the guitar like a true master.

A night of anonymity.

One night to live my forbidden fantasies.

He’ll be furious when he finds out my true identity. But I’m not the same, shy little girl he remembers, and I have every intention of tempting my own Wild Irish.

Dreaming about a rock god is one thing, but I’m chasing that dream across an ocean.




A gorgeous rockstar romance with all the feels!

4.5 stars!

Wow, this little read came out of nowhere and completely stole my heart! It’s the second in the Wild Irish series, but can standalone, and I loved it! A heartfelt, sexy rockstar romance with lots of light moments, fantastic character dynamics and beautifully written emotion. I was sucked in from the very start and read it in one sitting, unable to put it down.

The book begins in the past, introducing us to 12 year old Bree. A bit of a loner, she doesn’t quite fit in with her older cousins and their friends, but that doesn’t stop her from hanging around – especially because she gets to see Owen Gallagher. At 18 years old, he is way too old for her, but that doesn’t stop her from crushing madly on him – especially because he’s the only one who seems to really get her. But her whole life is about to be turned upside down because her flighty mother is moving her from her beloved Ireland to the US, away from everybody and everything that she loves.

12 years later and Bree has endured a difficult life, but she’s is all grown up and has made her way back to Ireland, desperate to reconnect with the family that she left behind and that she has missed terribly for all these years. And, of course, the first person that she runs into is Owen. He is now a dark and broody, tattooed rock god, and when they lay eyes on each other an intense attraction sizzles to life. Sadly, he has no idea who she really is, but that doesn’t stop Bree from reaching for the chance she has dreamed of all her life – even if all he promises is one night.

It isn’t just sex.
will be for me.
But, for me, all my emotions have been wrapped up in him, or, at least, the pre-teen memory of him, for so long, it’s hard to separate the two. I know how pitiful it is, wanting someone who doesn’t want you, who doesn’t even remember your existence. But those memories – the small kindness he showed me before my whole world flipped on its axis.

I can’t stand the thought of losing him again, but worse is the thought of never having him.

Owen Gallagher is a moody bastard. His childhood was hard and he ended up practically raising his younger brother, but they, and two of their closest friends went on to achieve huge success as Wild Irish, and he now has everything he could ever have dreamed of. Except as his bandmates fall in love and start to build families, he realises that there is something missing. But his emotions are in a mess, and he keeps himself relatively closed off from women, until Bree comes back into his life.

OMG, I loved the set-up for this story! The palpable chemistry between Owen and Bree is exciting enough on its own, add in their childhood connection and it just makes it all the more intense. Of course there are fireworks when Owen learns the truth of who Bree is, but it sets the stage for some fantastic relationship development as they reconnect. They open up to each other and truly get to know each other, Owen’s protective/possessive side come out, and as he truly begins to fall for the first time in his life, I loved watching it all unfold.

She’s unhinged something inside of me. That primal instinct to possess and protect. And hell, if it doesn’t scare the shit out of me. But, I also know that if I don’t see where this can go, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.

And through it all the sexual tension is fantastic. The emotional connection between them is established really well, which makes the sexy time even hotter, and I could feel everything happening between them.

Intensity billows between us, and he fists his hands in my hair, his gray eyes fastened on me. “I see ye, Bree. I see all of ye. Don’t hide from me.”

But their situation is far from easy. Bree left a storm of trouble behind when she left the US, and as much as she cares for Owen, she’s still battling to find her place in the world, and with her family. My heart ached for her, but I loved the way her journey was written, and I loved that Owen fought so hard to be there for her.

“Memories fade and branches break, but home still calls my name…”

And Owen, bless him and his dreamy Irish brogue, her never been in a relationship and has no idea how to handle it. He is flawed, he makes mistakes, but his heart is in the right place, and watching him work it all out is, though occasionally frustrating, just gorgeous.

God, the woman has undone me.
It’s terrifying to realize how much I actually care about her, how much she matters to me.
I’m not ready to give her up.
Not yet.

Maybe never.

I can’t walk away. Not from her. “Stay with me,” I say against her trembling lips.

It’s a beautiful love story full of chemistry, longing, sweet and sexy moments, and heartache. Owen and Bree’s road to their HEA is a bit of a rollercoaster but is actually quite functional and I didn’t get annoyed with either of them. Their situation is a bit out of the ordinary, and I love how much they followed their hearts, and I was glued to my kindle as it all played out and loved watching is all happen for them.

I see her. I do. Every beautiful, broken piece of her. And I don’t want to let her go.

*dreamy sigh*

I loved the time spent with the boys of the band and their girls. There’s a great dynamic between the group, and I really enjoyed seeing them all together. And the descriptiveness when talking about Ireland and the beauty of the land created a wonderful setting for the story.

This is my first read by this author, and I’m really looking forward to checking out some more of her work – starting with the first book in this series!

I loved it! 4.5 stars.

An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


Wild Irish


Wild Irish (#1) (Cillian)
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Tempting Irish (#2) (Owen)
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Taming Irish (#3) (Shane)
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I’m going to hell.

I didn’t bring her here for this. Didn’t mean to kiss her. To touch her. But now that I am, I can’t stop. My mouth travels down the curve of her jaw, along her slender neck, breathing in her intoxicating scent.

I try to reel myself back. But her own need saturates the air around us, mixing with mine like a spark to a powder keg.

I want the girl.

Crave her.

I’ve already had a taste and it only increased my appetite. But if there was ever a definition of off limits, it’s her.

I don’t need a complication like Bree in my life. And that’s exactly what she is – a sweet, tempting, irresistible complication.

“Jeezus, Bree,” I growl, raking my teeth across the sensitive flesh below her ear and feeling her tremble against me. “What are ye doing to me?”

She lets out a whimper when I tug slightly at her hair.

“You said-”

“Forget what I said.” I cup her jaw, searching her face, seeing uncertainty and desire vacillating across her features.

She’s unhinged something inside of me. That primal instinct to possess and protect. And hell, if it doesn’t scare the shit out of me. But, I also know that if I don’t see where this can go, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.



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