Review: Wardrobe Malfunction by Samantha Towle

Wardrobe Malfunction

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4.5 fun, sexy, hilarious stars!

I loved this book! After the 5-star wonder that was Breaking Hollywood, I was so impressed with Samantha Towle’s romantic comedy writing that I knew I had to go back and read this book – a standalone, but set before Breaking Hollywood with some minor character crossover. This is a laugh-out-loud funny celebrity romance that is fun, super-sexy and sweetly romantic, and I couldn’t put it down

Vaughan West is a Hollywood superstar whose life has just imploded. His girlfriend has been cheating on him with his best friend, and it’s all just been revealed during an interview on live TV. Drowning in alcohol and women, his behaviour looks like it might start impacting on his career, until he accepts a starring role with a highly sought-after Director and is told to curb his playboy ways.

Charlotte ‘Charly’ Michaels is a wannabe designer who works as a wardrobe assistant, and she has just accepted the job of her dreams working as wardrobe assistant to none other than Vaughan West on his new movie.

I’m on my knees in front of Vaughan West. Sure, I’m only pinning his pants, but still… it’s one for the books.

Vaughan is Charly’s celebrity crush, and she’s thrilled to be working with him, but their first meeting goes horribly wrong, sparking a smack-talking, antagonistic dynamic that is complicated by a sizzling physical attraction that keeps them both on edge. Charly things Vaughan is a jerk – a gorgeous jerk, but a jerk nonetheless. And apart from being madly attracted to Charly, Vaughan loves her spunk and sass, so he decides to mess with her, provoking her at every opportunity, and it’s highly entertaining to watch.

I know this is how it’s always going to be with Charly and me. And I like it. I like the challenge she gives me.

God, he’s an annoying, gorgeous bastard. How can I want to kiss his face and smack him on it at the same time.

And all of that chemistry builds until it reaches breaking point and neither of them can hold back any longer and everything changes.

This man has slept with supermodels and actresses. I want him to remember this…remember me…because, at the end of the day, I’m no one special. I’ll just be another notch on Vaughn’s bedpost. But, to me, no other man will ever compare.

God, I love the shifting dynamic between these two! They laugh and joke around with each other, they banter constantly, and it’s so much fun! And of course their chemistry is sizzling and the sexy time is off the freaking charts! This book is so hot and shows their intense connection, which grows with each and every steamy encounter.

The King of Hollywood spends the next thirty minutes making me come with his mouth and then fucking me from behind like I’m a whore, but the whole time, he still manages to make me feel like a queen.

But so much more than just sex, there is a true friendship between them and real feelings begin to develop, and I love the way it all unfolded. It’s natural, neither of them are looking for a relationship, they are just acting on their insane chemistry and enjoying each other, and it just easily slips into something so much more. Neither of them fight it, they don’t play games, they just follow their hearts and let it happen, and I love that!

“So, it turns out, the friends thing isn’t going to work for me.”
“Oh.” I sag a little. “Why not?”
“Because it’s not enough. I need more. I want more…. I want all of you.”

OMG, yes! It’s so, so good! It’s fun and flirty and sexy and sweet, and there are so many laugh-out-loud moments. And we get to see so much of it! Scenes of them just being together just bantering back and forth had me highly entertained and grinning like a loon.

“Pins, we got off to a crazy start. After the stabbing incident, you made me a stellar piece of underwear, and then you yelled at me and called me a few choice words. I kissed you to shut you up, and I’ve been lucky enough to keep kissing you ever since.”

But everything between them has been kept secret in order to keep them both out of the press. And there’s a secret that Charly has been keeping that could change everything. So how will Hollywood’s wild boy and his sassy girl deal with a love that they never expected?

I’ve never been more myself than I am with her.

He takes my mouth in a hard kiss. It’s rough. It’s passionate. It’s everything. He’s everything.

I loved this book. Vaughan and Charly are both fantastic characters, their love story was gorgeous, and their relationship was just so much fun. There is some drama which could have been easily avoided, but it’s blessedly short-lived and proves to be a character-building exercise for both of them, so though it was a bit annoying, it was resolved well and it didn’t bother me too much. And it all builds to an ending which I absolutely adored. Their story is finished off beautifully and left me feeling all fluffy with a big grin on my face.

I didn’t stand a fucking chance against her. From the moment I met her, this was always inevitable.

Sweet, sexy and so much fun, I loved it! 4.5 stars!



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