Review: Missing From Me (Sixth Street Bands #3) by Jayne Frost

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Angsty and dramatic second-chance rockstar romance

This is the third book in the Sixth Street Bands series, but it can standalone. It’s the first book I’ve read, and I was easily sucked in to all of the drama and intensity.

Sean and Anna are soul mates. They met in high school and fell in mad love, but with Sean’s band, Caged, on the cusp of success and Anna about to start law school, it all fell apart in one devastating night, leaving them both shattered. Four years later and Sean has become the playboy manwhre drummer of a hit rock band. But he’s never forgotten about the girl that got away, and when they are reunited once again, neither of them will be the same.

I’m a sucker for both rockstar romances, and second-chance-romance, so I was really excited to start this book. I was immediately sucked in, and I loved the way the author brought the emotion as we were introduced to two characters who so obviously had never moved on from each other, and I was all set for epic swoon. And then the drama. OMG, there is SO much between Sean and Anna. One of the first hurdles they face is something that is usually a big turn-off for me…


…and honestly I did struggle with it, but I was intrigued by the story so I bravely carried on. And as if that isn’t enough, they have to rehash their issues from the past that tore them apart, Sean’s reputation, the rockstar lifestyle, and a whole heap of other women and miscommunication drama. It’s angsty and emotional, and there were times that I wanted to take these two and shake them and tell them to just TALK TO EACH OTHER! In fact, there’s a whole part of this book that had me wondering what the hell was happening, honestly confused and wondering why they weren’t talking to each other. Communication is a real issue for these two, and yeah, it’s frustrating, but there is something about their chemistry that kept me captivated. They truly belong together, their love for each other is so beautifully written, and it’s just a matter of riding out the storm until they get through it all and make their way back to each other.

“You said that you wanted to be the reason, and you are. You’re the reason for everything. And if you ask me ‘why’ the answer will always be the same. Because I love you.”

I loved Sean’s journey throughout the book. He goes through a lot, and he completely turns himself around, and I really enjoyed watching that happen for him. I also loved the way his relationships with his friends and family were explored. It added a lot of depth for him as a character, and I particularly loved Willow’s part in the story and the relationships between her and Sean.

I also loved the tie-in with the music. It is such a central part of Sean’s life, and I loved the way it was brought into the book.

She didn’t put the music in my head, but without her, I couldn’t hear it. She was the muse.

I enjoyed this story. I always love an intense romance, and that’s exactly what I got with this one. I could feel the connection between Sean and Anna, I love the way it was explored, and their love story was sexy, passionate and super swoony. The drama and angst was a bit much for me, especially because most of it was caused because they just didn’t talk to each other, but angst-lovers will love it. The strong writing kept me glued through all the ups and downs, and it ends in a really great place.

I listened to this as an audiobook, and the narration was sensational. Jacob Morgan and Elena Wolfe bring these characters to life, and I could feel every moment of heartache, swoon and hotness. I’m definitely curious to check out more of this series.

3.5 stars.

An Audiobook version of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.



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