Review: The Traveling Woman (Traveling, #2) by Jane Harvey-Berrick

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“Kes wasn’t safe. He wasn’t a sensible choice. He made my heart race, and swoop, and die a little. When I was near him, I burned … Maybe we’d burn together. But maybe, just maybe, we’d fly.”

4.5 stars!

And an absolutely beautiful conclusion to Aimee and Kes’ amazing story that began in The Traveling Man.

Sequels or conclusions to a much-loved story are always slightly terrifying to read, so after adoring The Traveling Man as much as I did, I was understandably nervous going into this one, but Jane Harvey-Berrick has done a fantastic job with this book, and I am one very happily satisfied little reader!

This review may be a little bit spoilery if you haven’t read The Traveling Man, and you definitely need to read that book before you dive into this one. And why wouldn’t you? It’s a beautiful story that captured my heart from the very start, and that same feeling of being immersed into something very special is continued here. And I can happily say that that god-awful cliffy is resolved very early on, leaving us the rest of the book to get lost in the wonder that is Kes, Aimee, their circle of family and friends and the crazy, magical world that they inhabit.

Once again the story is told from Aimee’s POV, and it picks up a month after the end of the last book…


Best friends since childhood, Aimee and Kes are still madly in love, but they are very different people who inhabit very different worlds, and with their being together requiring one of them to sacrifice so much, they have a battle on their hands to figure out how they can possibly make a life together.

His element was the air around him. I had roots and he had wings – could they ever work together?

I love this relationship! It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, it’s hard work, and Kes himself is hard work. He’s not a perfect boyfriend, he’s stubborn and aggressive with a short fuse and they argue and fight, but their love and passion for each other is out of control, and simply put – they are best friends and soul mates, so while part of their being together is effortless, they still have to fight for it, and I loved seeing that.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this book was getting to know Kes more.


He goes through a lot in this book, and the way he handles himself is understandable, but you can also see the change that he has gone through since the first book, and his growth as a character is really well done.

“You’ve always been my girl, Aimee. The only one who ever mattered. You know that, right?”

And Aimee proves herself to be a worthy partner for him. Strong, determined and brave, she loves her man fiercely, and that is evident in everything she does. Yet she’s not a doormat and isn’t afraid to stand up to him. She’s got some sass, and I love that about her.

This book will take you on a bit of a ride. It’s emotional at times, but it wasn’t overly angsty, there is no stupid behaviour and I never got annoyed with the characters. This is a real ‘resolution’ book, while still very much being a continuation of Aimee and Kes’ story, recapturing the feeling of the first book, and showing us everything that we want to see.


Honestly, I could have stopped reading halfway through and been thrilled at how everything worked out, but apparently Jane likes to push, and she pushed things in this one. Not a necessary storyline, but an interesting one, and I really liked how it played out, and the impact that it had on both Kes and Aimee and their life together.

I also loved getting to spend time with the extended cast of characters. This is such a close group with fantastic dynamics, and they all added so much to the story. Hilde, in particular, was a hilarious surprise!

Hilde sighed. “Just like his brother – always on the go. Sometimes I just want to lie in bed and sleep – without sex.”
I burst out laughing. “I can’t imagine that happening anytime soon.”
Hilde grinned at me. “I would probably complain if it did. But I save money on my gym membership. My thighs could crack walnuts.”

This book is beautifully written with laughs, drama and a sexy and very soulful romance. I loved being back in this world with these characters, and I enjoyed every minute of their journey.

4.5 stars.


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