Review: Defiant Queen (Mount Trilogy, #2) by Meghan March

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4 stars

OK, things are getting interesting now! The second book in the Mount series sees Keira Kilgore still at the mercy of ruthless badass Lachlan Mount, but this time we see a huge shift in their relationship, with feelings coming into the equation and complicating everything.

Mount is turning me into an addict, stripping me of control of my own body and compelling me to hand it over willingly at the same time.

Every time I think I have her figured out, I realize none of my normal barometers apply when it comes to Keira Kilgore. She’s the exception to everything I thought I knew.

Of course Mount and Keira have mad lust for each other, but they are both incredibly stubborn, and whereas Mount is used to claiming what he wants when he wants it (Keira included), she refuses to become his toy, and though she loves all that he does to her, she continues to battle against him for independence, and I loved the interplay between them.

I finally understand the reason it’s called power exchange, but with Mount and me, it’s more accurately termed a power struggle.
He takes. I fight.
He threatens. I rebel.
He taunts. I argue.

But more importantly, there is some great exploration of Mount and Keira coming to the realisation that what they have is more than just sex, and beginning to embrace all the changes that come with that. They still explore their wild chemistry at each and every opportunity, but while they embrace the sexy time, they do it knowing that they are growing closer to each other. And when Mount makes the effort to reach out to Keira, it becomes the start of something entirely new for them.

I loved this book more than the first. I’m always a sucker for feels, and I loved the way that that this relationship is developing. Mount and Keira are remaining true to who they are, they’re just allowing something new to develop and I love the way it’s all unfolding for them.

The book ends on a wicked cliffy, and I’m diving straight in to the next book to see how it’s going to end.

Loved it – 4 stars.


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