ARC Review: Blood Fury (Black Dagger Legacy, #3) by J.R. Ward

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4 stars!

It’s always so exciting to go back to the Black Dagger Brotherhood compound, and I have been SO excited for this book! Trainees Peyton and Novo have had a simmering chemistry for a while now, and I’ve been waiting for it all to happen for them. And Saxton and Ruhn? Yes please!

Peyton is an aristocratic playboy jokester. He’s the party boy with the smart mouth who has previously been drooling all over his friend and fellow trainee, Paradise. But with her now mated, he is feeling a bit lost and confused by his feelings. He’s always shared a flirtation with Novo, desperate to get his hands on the strong, fierce female, though she seems completely emotionally closed off. Until one tragic night in the field sees him re-examining everything he thought he knew about himself.

Novo is a badass, pure and simple. She shows now weakness and no emotion, and she has thrown herself into her training because it’s pretty much all that she has in the world and it distracts her from the memories that haunt her. She has forced her attraction to Peyton to be physical only, but when he begins to show her his deeper, caring side, she can’t help but begin to feel for him as well, unleashing pain and secrets from her past which she has tried so hard to buy.

It’s a hard road for these two, with both of them initially so closed off to their feelings, but I loved watching things begin to change. Peyton stole my heart as he started to move on from his party lifestyle and fight for what is important, but I love that he retained his jokey smartassery, which was lots of fun. Their story is surprising and not without conflict, but I love how they opened up to each other and (eventually) let it happen.

As always, there is a secondary story this time focusing on Saxton and Ruhn. Saxton is the legal counsel to the king, and the ex-lover of Blay, and after seeing him having his heart broken (and now seeing it all up close and personal), I really wanted a happy ending for him. And when Ruhn became a part of the Brotherhood ‘family’ as Bitty’s Uncle, and the two males had a moment, I was so excited!

I loved Saxton and Ruhn’s storyline. Working together on a property dispute on behalf of the King, they spend a lot of time together. Saxton is openly gay, but Ruhn has never been with a male, but that does nothing to diminish their mad chemistry – or Ruhn’s mad skills – and just… damn! Again, they have some obvious hurdles to overcome, but their relationship is functional, sweet and swoony, and I loved seeing these two ‘proper’ males lose all control together and openly embrace everything that is happening between them.

But as happy as I was to see Saxton finally getting his happy ending and couldn’t have been happier with his love story, I would have liked some more focus on Peyton and Novo’s story because I feel like it could have had a bit more ‘oomph’ to it. I love them together, and there are a lot of issues to overcome, I wanted to dive into that a bit more.

But having said that, there are no other plotlines to interfere with the two main stories. The brothers all make an appearance (including some epic moments from Wrath – seriously, that male just give me shivers!), but it’s all focussed on our two main storylines which, which I really appreciated.

Another fantastic addition to the series, and I remain eager for more.

4 stars!

An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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