Review: Sex, Not Love by Vi Keeland

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4.5 stars!

Aaaaahh, Vi Keeland. You can always be counted on for smart, sweet and sexy romance, and this book was just what I was hoping for. With a strong heroine, a sweet, arrogant, dirty talking hero, sizzling chemistry, incredible UST and a passionate and emotional love story, I loved this book!

Natalia and Hunter meet at the wedding of their best friends. Though they have an immediate attraction, Nat is wary of the man she knows is a playboy and, with enough drama in her life, she wants none of his. And when she leaves him with a wrong number, she figures she doesn’t have to worry about him again. A year later they are reunited for their friends’ baby shower and the attraction continues to sizzle. This time they actually spend time together and get to know each other beyond the mad lust they feel for each other, but again Nat walks away. But Hunter is a determined man, he wants Nat and he’s not about to let her get away, so when he accepts a temporary transfer to NYC for work, he makes it his mission to win Nat over.

OMG, I love a confident, cocky man who wants his woman and doesn’t hide it. Hunter is funny, sweet and filthily flirtatious, and their interactions are absolutely hilarious. I couldn’t get enough of their banter, flirting and playful conversation, and I lapped up every moment of them together.

“You’re so full of yourself.”
“Maybe. But soon you’ll be full of me, too.”

But as rude and crude as Hunter is, there’s a gorgeously heartfelt connection that begins to develop as he works his way into Nat’s life, and their attraction soon becomes irresistible. But with neither of them interested in a relationship, they agree to sex, not love, and then it’s all on.

“You look beautiful tonight. I like your hair up.”
“Thank you.”
“I can’t wait to yank it down later.”

It’s not a unique set-up, but it’s SO well done. I could feel the chemistry between Nat and Hunter, and I loved the development of their relationship from flirty antagonism to friends to f***-buddies. There’s a strong connection between them even from the very beginning that easily and naturally deepens over time, and I could feel it as things started to shift for them.

“What’s the one thing you’re most afraid of?”
“You breaking my heart.”

But though emotions are so clearly becoming involved, they aren’t on the same page with what they want from each other, and when everything is put on the line, hearts are broken. There are secrets and heartache, and a lot of soul-searching required for them to find the strength to fight for what they want. My heart hurt for them and all they go through, but the strength of their connection is just amazing and I absolutely loved the way it all played

“I think you stole a piece of my heart the first night we met.”

This is such a great read. I adored Hunter and Nat, they are wonderfully developed characters who are so much fun, and their love story is sweet, funny, sexy and full of tingle-inducing chemistry. The side characters are great, and the drama is really well written where it enhances the story rather than drags it down, and I really appreciated that as well. Vi Keeland writes this sort of story so well, and I loved this one.

4.5 stars!




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