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The Bitteroot Inn


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Her past. His secrets. They have more in common than she knows.

Maisy is happily content with the life she’s built for herself and her young son in small-town Prescott, Montana. Her child is thriving, her business is growing, and her family is as close as they’ve ever been. But when a handsome stranger walks into the lobby of her motel, her simple life is swept up in a wave of affection for his gentle heart. None of those feelings can be trusted, though. She made that mistake before with another man. The man she murdered.

Hunter was a different man when he first saw Maisy Holt from afar. He took one look at her and ran in the opposite direction. But years later, he’s back in Montana and unable to keep his distance. He shouldn’t have tried to find her but he never was good at rejecting temptation. The promise of the good she could bring into his life is too hard to resist. Maybe if he can disguise the lies and hide the deceit, he can keep her from learning the truth. Because his only chance at a future with her is by burying his past.




I’d come to Prescott with a plan: to look out for this beautiful soul. My plan had just changed. Now I was here to win her heart.”

4.5 beautiful, beautiful stars!

Wow, I loved this book! Talk about finishing a series on a high, Devney Perry has delivered a gorgeously romantic, functional, sweet and passionate love story for the finale of her Jamison Valley series. I lost myself in the swoony emotion of Hunter and Maisy’s story and I loved it!

Maisy was introduced in the first book of this series, The Coppersmith Farmhouse, where she went through the unthinkable in order to save herself, her best friend and her unborn child. Now it’s five years later and she is the proud single mother to an adorable four year old boy, her business (Prescott’s Inn) is going from strength to strength, and she has a wonderful group of friends and family around her. The only thing missing in her life is the love that her friends have found. But she has trust issues from her past, and she knows that if she lets a man into her and her son’s life, he’s going to have to be special.

I wanted a strong and honest man to come crashing into my life. I wanted to be swept off my feet in a whirlwind romance. But more than anything, I wanted to find a man who I could trust completely. A man who wouldn’t hide things from me.

Hunter knows all about Maisy. In fact, from our first introduction to him, we know that he has visited Prescott in the past and has some kind of tie to her. He’s protective of her, but more than that, he’s infatuated with the gorgeous, bubbly blonde, and when he returns to Prescott once again, he finds himself unable to keep his distance.

I was staring at her and not wanting to blink. I was doing my best to ignore the voice of reason in the back of my mind.
Hunter, turn your ass around.
I took one step further into the motel’s lobby.
Do not speak. Leave.
“Hi.” I crossed the remaining distance to the counter.
“Um, hi,” she squeaked, then cleared her throat. “Hello. Hi. Uh, good morning.” The flush of her cheeks was so fucking beautiful, my heart pumped double time.
Whatever you do, shit-for-brains, do not ask for a room. You have a plan, remember?
“I was wondering if you have a vacancy?”

I was so excited to see Maisy and Hunter together. From a shy and somewhat awkward beginning to surprising run-ins, flirty banter and sweet and tender moments, these two are just magic together!

I was flustering her – an effect I had on a lot of women – but this was the first time I’d ever enjoyed it. I didn’t want Maisy to be uneasy, but I really fucking liked that she found me attractive.
Because I found her incredible.

You can feel that there is a connection there, and as Hunter slowly starts to push, Maisy begins to let him in.

“If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m staying until you make me leave.”

And oh my God, I love these two! Maisy is gorgeous, and Hunter is an absolute sweetheart, and together they are something truly special. Their relationship is paced slowly, which is realistic given their situation, but it builds beautifully. It’s sweet, fun, and so freaking sexy (who would have thought Hunter would have such a deliciously dirty mouth?), and with the addition of Maisy’s son, Coby, every moment is just gold.

“I’m the man falling in love with you, Maisy. I’m the man falling in love with your son.”

But they do have their issues to overcome. Most notably is Hunter’s big secret. We have a hint of it from the beginning of the book, and I was madly theorising trying to figure it all out. And though Maisy and Hunter are super-functional together, you just know it’s going to be huge, and that it’s going to be something that has the power to ruin the happiness they have found together. And when it comes… the feels! It’s heartwrenchingly emotional, and I could empathise with both of them and all they were going through, but it’s written well and I thought it added a wonderful added dimension to the story.

“How do we move past it all?”
“One day at a time,” he whispered. “And when you’re ready to start again, I’ll be right here.”

The rest of the Jamison Valley crew are all a part of the story, and it was great to see them again. All of the boys have been super protective of Maisy and Coby, so seeing them all adjust to Hunter coming into the picture was fantastically entertaining.

Michael looked over his shoulder from his seat below me. “Beau will give you the full lecture, but I’ll just say this: if you hurt my sister, I’ll help him hide your body.”

But more than just catching up with each of the couples from the series so far, this book provides a great sense of closure to their stories, finishing off the series beautifully.

This was such a great read. An emotional yet functional romance between two characters that you cannot help but love, and a gorgeously sweet, and sexy love story. I loved it!

4.5 stars!

An Advanced Review copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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