Review: The Law of Moses (The Law of Moses, #1) by Amy Harmon

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5 “The Law of Moses and The State of Georgia” STARS!

A story of before and after, of new beginnings and never-endings. A story of flawed and fractured, crazy and cracked, and most of all, a love story,
Our story.

The Law of Moses is a stunning and emotional second-chance romance. With the beautiful writing, original plot, descriptive imagery, and vibrant characters, it is easy to get lost in it. An utterly devastating read that gutted me the first time I read it, I was once again emotionally drained as I listened to it on audio. But don’t be scared of the heart ache because all of the pain and tears are worth it in the end. It’s an epic love story that will touch your soul and make your heart soar when the pieces are put back together.

Moses is a painter with a special gift, though he wouldn’t necessarily consider his ability a gift. He has visions and even though they were of the supernatural variety, they were beautiful and believable. He paints in places he isn’t supposed to of people he shouldn’t see. The realistic art was convincing and I couldn’t help but see each piece in my mind.

The unique, supernatural element is surprisingly realistic and impressively portrayed, and it was fascinating being inside Moses’ head. He’s complex and complicated. His past, gift, and feelings pulled at my heart strings. He is amazing and sees the extraordinary in the ordinary. It is beautiful as Moses comes to terms with his ability no matter how hard it can be to experience it at times.

I adored Georgia. She is sweet, head strong, forward, and persistent. She sets her sights on Moses and doesn’t let him get away. She is sassy and optimistic, the opposite of Moses, but somehow she breaks down his walls. The banter is fantastic and Moses doesn’t make it easy on her. She doesn’t let that stop her and I loved that she gives just as good as she gets. She is so kind and has the biggest heart.

The pushing and pulling was heartbreaking but as we see both sides of the story, it all made sense. From the beginning there is an electricity simmering just below the surface and the sexual tension grows the more they are together. They are passionate and intense and so great together. They challenge and push each other but the pull they feel is undeniable. I love that they believe in each other even if they have trouble believing in themselves.

We see a beautiful young new love start to form out of acceptance, faith and unconditional love, but when tragedy strikes, their love is ripped apart. By the time fate brings them together again, you will be consumed with emotion. You’ll experience the grief and love side by side as healing begins. You’ll feel the bravery and strength Georgia and Moses have inside and you’ll believe their feelings and understand how their connection, no matter how long they were apart, remains strong.

Overall, The Law of Moses was spectacular and remains one of my favorite second-chance romances.

“Give me five greats.”

*Note: The audiobook is phenomenal. The way the narrators radiate the emotion made it feel real like it was actually happening to them. This book is fantastic and is just as good the second time around as it was the first.


The Law of Moses


The Law of Moses (#1)
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