Review: Stone Cold Touch (The Dark Elements, #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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5 stars!

Stone Cold Touch is the second book in The Dark Elements Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout and what a great book it is. I was really worried going into this book because of the dreaded love triangle and because it’s hard to follow a fantastic first book without being let down with the second book. JLA is awesome though and I should never have worried!! This book is full of sweet and sexy moments as well as suspense and mystery, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Stone Cold Touch picks up right after the conclusion of White Hot Kiss. Roth is gone and Layla is trying to pick up the pieces of her heart and deal with the fallout over what happened. Zayne is right by her side and acts as her rock, helping her get through the weeks that follow. And then Roth returns. New characters are introduced, things start to get out of hand, and a new problem develops changing everything.

I know that I am being very vague here but I don’t want to give anything away. This series is best if you go in without knowing what’s going on. The mystery is a bit predictable and I had a good feeling I knew who the “bad guy” was early on in the book, but it still kept my interest because JLA would drop little hints that made me question what I was thinking.

And then there are Roth and Zayne.

There were no two guys more different than them.

Boy did I like them both. Once feelings are revealed, the relationships get complicated.

“I know exactly how he looks at you and you do, too…Because it’s the way I look at you.”

Both guys would say things that made me swoon and left me confused as who would be best for Layla. I love Roth, but I was torn between who I was rooting for once Zayne got his chance to fight for Layla. And Layla had a hard decision in front of her.

There were so many risks, but as my heartbeat skipped, I realized that half demon or not, life was full of risks and I was tired of not living—of not trying.

As stated above I was really nervous about the love triangle. I do not tend to like triangles unless they are handled well, and I think JLA did just that. Layla is a seventeen year old girl going through all the emotions a normal girl her age goes through plus the added ones created by her being half demon/half Warden. I think her feelings were very real and I can’t fault her for the way she acted. It tugged at my heartstrings and I felt like I was right there with her as she struggled with what she was feeling.

And then there was this….

“I love you, Layla. Do you hear me? I’ve loved you since the first moment I heard your voice and I will continue to love you. No matter what. I love you.”

…and I melted.


I need my hands on Every Last Breath! Now!


The Dark Elements series

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