Review: Trust in Me (Wait for You, #1.5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Writing as J. Lynn)

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Cameron Hamilton *dreamy sigh*.

Definitely one of my fave book boyfriends EVER! And while my experience with the retelling of much loved books from the male POV has been a bit hit and miss, I absolutely loved this one! I just finished a reread of Wait for You, so Cam and Avery’s story was all very fresh in my head when I started this book (what can I say? I was in the Cam-zone, with no intention of getting out of it :P). And even though it’s essentially the same story, I was still madly flipping pages, unable to get enough.

Cam and Avery’s transition from friends to lovers is absolutely beautiful. Both hiding secrets, and with Avery struggling to recover from events in her past, there is a lot standing between them, but Cam’s determination to win Avery over, combined with the sizzling chemistry and genuine friendship between them, can only lead to amazing things. And their journey to find their HEA made me laugh, cry and swoon all over again.

“I want you, Cam.”
“You have me … You so fucking have me.”

(yeah, that’s a line from the first book, but it’s repeated in this book and I had to include it because it’s pretty awesome).

There is a fair bit of new stuff in this book. We get to see a bit more of Cam’s family, as well as spend some more time with Jase and Ollie, and God, I love these boys! Funny and crass, but also thoughtful and supportive of their best friend.

“You’re spending a lot of time with this girl.”
“Whoa!” I stepped out of the shower, buck -ass naked, finding Ollie standing in the doorway of the bathroom. “What the hell, man?”
“What?” He shrugged. “Not like I haven’t seen your junk before.”

“What is it about her?” he asked, sounding like he truly wanted to understand the attraction I could barely figure out. “She’s not like any other girl you’ve gone out with. She’s fucking awkward as hell and quiet. She’s pretty, but—”
“She’s fucking beautiful,” I cut in, daring him to disagree.
He didn’t. “Is she worth this?”
“Yes,” I said.

There are some new scenes between Cam and Avery, which I thought was a great treat, and, of course, there are repeats of key scenes in Wait for You. But seeing Cam’s reaction to their banter, and getting his inner monologue along with it puts a completely different spin on things, and I loved every little interaction!

“Cupping her cheek, I softly kissed her until her body relaxed under mine and then, shocking the hell out of me, her small hand ended up under my shirt, pressing against the bare skin of my abs.
It was like being branded.
Heat roared through my veins as my body jerked on reflex. Air punched from my lungs. She wanted to touch me? Holy hell, she could touch me. I pulled back, reached down and yanked my shirt over my head.”

Yep, inside the head of a horny 22 year old male, is a very interesting place to be! And Cam’s thoughts are a sensational mix of thoughtful, sensitive, playful boyfriend…

“I stood and went to her side. Taking her hands, I tugged her onto her feet and wrapped my arms around her waist. I lowered my head, brushing my lips across her cheek. “I’m serious about you, Avery. If you want me for real, you have me.”
Shortcake pressed her palms to my chest. “I want you for real.”
“Good to know.” I slanted my lips over hers. “Because, if not, this would get a whole lot awkward.”

… and sex-crazed (though it must be said – respectful) College boy…

I’d been taking things slow, so slow I wondered if I could go any slower. Every night I ended up going one on one with myself to the point that my hand was starting to get numb while I took notes in class.

Getting to know him better just made me fall even harder for him. He is such a great guy, and remains at the top of my list of most amazing book boyfriends ever!

“The truth was, if I was perfect, it was only because of her. It would only ever be because of her.”

I wouldn’t recommend reading this without having read Wait for You first, because it’s not a direct repeat, and you’ll need to know the full story before diving in, but this is a fabulous addition to the series – getting us close and personal with the incredible Cam, and giving us a bit of an intro to Jase and Theresa’s story coming up next and which I am SO looking forward to.

I loved it – 4 stars.


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