ARC Review: For 100 Days (100 Series, #1) by Lara Adrian

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3.5 sexy stars

I am a huge fan of Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series, so of course I had to jump all over this as soon as I saw it – one of my favourite PNR authors writing contemporary erotic romance. Score! Yes, it’s another sexually intense billionaire romance, but I was totally in the mood for this kind of read, and was quickly sucked into the story.

Avery is a 25 year old woman who moved from Pennsylvania to NYC to try and pursue her dreams of becoming an artist. She has left behind a horrific past and is still plagued by all that she has been through and the tragic consequences to her family, and though she has worked hard, her dreams are slowly crumbling as she is facing imminent eviction and is struggling to get by.

A chance encounter sees her offered the dream opportunity to house-sit an extravagant apartment in one of the city’s most exclusive buildings. Not only is it the answer to all of her prayers, allowing her respite from her immediate troubles, but it’s also the place where she runs into Dominic Baine.

Dark. Magnetic. Arrogant. Hotter than hell”, Nick is a man who knows what he wants. He has made a career out of it and has become a billionaire who, at age 28, owns half of the city. And now, his sights are set on Avery.

“I want you in my bed, Avery. When I see something I want, I reach for it.”

The attraction is very much mutual, and in no time at all Avery and Nick are swept up in a passionate and all-consuming affair. Nick is totally insatiable, controlling yet tender and incredibly passionate with a fondness for dirty talking and a bit of kink, and he unleashes something in Avery that she has never experienced before – encouraging her to let go and give herself over to him, and she is powerless to resist.

It’s wild and out of control, something very foreign to me.
It’s reckless.
What I’m doing here is probably worse than foolish. Hell, I know it is. I also know I’ve never wanted anything more in my life.

Nick is equally an enamoured with Avery, and their hot hook ups soon become something a lot more meaningful as true emotion becomes involved.

“I am where I need to be,” he insists, his voice thick and rough with need. “Right here, with you.”

I totally fell for Nick. Of course he’s an uber sex God who can seemingly perform miracles in (and out of) the bedroom, but he’s also got a huge heart. And as much as he encourages Avery to open up to him sexually, he also wants her to open up emotionally. He wants to know her, he wants her to trust him, he wants everything from her.

“No limits between us,” he says, his voice quiet with demand and promise. “No boundaries. No holding back. Not ever, Avery. Not with me.”

But Avery is hiding so much about her past. And there are some parts of herself that she know she’ll never be able to share.

OK, so the storyline isn’t exactly unique, but I really liked this book and the way it all played out. The story is told entirely from Avery’s POV so there is a lot of her internal monologue which does get a bit monotonous at times, but Avery and Nick are both likeable characters and really, it’s all about the chemistry, and there is plenty of that!

Nick and Avery are SO freaking hot together! There’s not a lot of time for the sexual tension to build with them hooking up so quickly, but the connection is definitely there and this book is sizzling! Nick likes his control, and while there are elements of that shown in the bedroom, as well as a bit of kink, it’s not a BDSM relationship. It’s two people who are intensely effected by each other, and who explore that as much as they possibly can!

But what I loved was the way their emotional connection was explored. They truly care about each other, and the times where they are together and not having sex (rare as that may be) are really sweet, and beautifully romantic. They are honest with each other about their attraction and the effect they have on each other, and I liked that they had that openness – even though they clearly have deeper issues that need to be explored.

I wouldn’t call the ending a cliffhanger, with the book actually finishing with Nick and Avery in a good place, but there is definitely more story to be told and a whole new side of their relationship to be explored. I’m very much looking forward to continuing on with this series.

I really liked it – 3.5 stars.

An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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