Review: Midnight Awakening (Midnight Breed, #3) by Lara Adrian

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OH MY FREAKING GOD, I LOVED THIS BOOK! It has the perfect mix of romance, action, and the paranormal world to make this a really brilliant read for me.

Rolling orange fire silhouetted him from behind, backlighting the warrior’s broad shoulders and casual, long-legged stride. As he strolled away from the inferno, the ends of his loose black coat winged out behind him like a cape befitting the prince of darkness himself.
“Holy hell,” Brock murmured. “Tegan.”

Holy hell, Tegan, indeed!!! The third book in the Midnight Breed series gives us the story of the brutal, cold and closed off Gen-one warrior who finds his life turned upside down by Elise, introduced in the previous book when her son went missing and turned rogue. Well she’s back, and hell bent on avenging her son’s death. When Tegan discovers what she is up to, he feels strangely drawn to protect her and the two of them form an unlikely, unwanted (at least on Tegan’s part) and somewhat shocking alliance in order to uncover an age-old secret and stop the bad guy.

God, I love Tegan and Elise together! They seem to be such an unexpected pairing – the big, violent, tough guy, and the well-bred, sheltered socialite, and at the beginning of the book they seem to have a serious dislike of each other, but there is something between them that they have both felt for a while, but have ignored. With both of them struggling with grief from their pasts, things progress slowly and cautiously between them. As they both start to recognise what they are feeling, Elise opens up and follows her feelings, while Tegan tries hard to keep her at bay – aggressively at first, but it doesn’t take long for him to start to melt. Their coming together was very natural and beautifully paced, with some serious steam and gorgeous swoony moments.

“I wasn’t prepared for you, Elise. Holy hell… not even close.”

… and…

“Do I love you? Yeah, God help you, but I do”

Seeing the big, tough guy fall, and fall hard, was awesome.

“I’ll admit it to you now, and to anyone, anytime. I need you, Elise. I love you. You are mine. My woman, my mate, my beloved. My everything.”


The Order has a few new recruits, including Sterling Chase, now officially on board, and we see a bit more of the Butch/Vishous relationship developing between him and Dante (OK, that’s the only BDB comparison I’m going to make – just because it’s so freaking obvious!). And we get introduced to Andreas, an old friend of Tegan’s who I note gets his own book later in the series – very exciting.

I want to give a shout out to the women in this series. They are all very strong, independent women who hook up with hugely Alpha vampires, but they still maintain an equal partnership with their guys. They’re not really a focus of the story, but as breedmates (genetically able to be mated with a vampire), they each have an individual gift that allows them to contribute to the action, and I love that they are so involved.

With a storyline that takes us from Boston to Berlin and Prague, there is lots of action and intrigue in addition to the swoony romance. There is also a nail-biting climax that had me swearing loudly and frantically flipping pages, and leaves us with a clue to where the series goes from here – and it looks really good!

This sneaky little series has taken me by surprise and firmly entrenched itself into my list of favourite PNRs. Must have more!!!


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