Review: Midnight Rising (Midnight Breed, #4) by Lara Adrian

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WOW! This series just gets better and better! I loved this book!

Midnight Rising tells the story of Rio, the most scarred and tormented member of the Breed. A year after a brutal betrayal which left him physically traumatised and emotionally wrecked, Rio is on the verge of suicide when Dylan Alexander literally stumbles across him. When Dylan sees something she shouldn’t and then takes off, it’s up to Rio to track her down and fix the problem. Oh, and what do you know, she bears the mark of a breedmate, genetically gifted to be able to bond / mate with a member of the Breed. Convenient! When Rio is asked to contain her and bring her back to the Order for damage control, they are forced to spend spend some quality time together, and it doesn’t take long for a deep attraction to form.

I love Rio and Dylan! They are both strongly drawn to each other from the very beginning, but things progress slowly with them. Mainly because Rio considers himself damaged goods. But Dylan is a strong, confident female who isn’t about to let him shut her out.

“I’m the last thing you need, Dylan. If you reach into the trap to pull me out, I can’t promise I won’t take your arm off in the process.
“You’re not going to hurt me.”
Rio grunted, a coarse, animalistic sound. “How do you know I won’t?”
“Because I’m going to trust you not to.”

The pacing of their relationship is really realistic, and their bonding is a really gorgeous moment. The two them together are so freaking swoony! Rio is obviously battling some pretty serious demons, but Dylan is there for him, loving him and helping him to heal and come to terms with who he is now. And in return, she gets this:

“You are pure flame. I touch you and I ignite. I kiss you and I burn to have more. You consume me… like no other woman before you, and, I am certain, like no other ever could again.” 

SWOOOOOOOOOOON! You’ve gotta love the man!

The action in this one is also really intense. The overarching storyline is really picking up, with Gen One vampires and breedmates being killed, the mysterious ‘Ancient One’ making an appearance, and a new bad guy, Drago, emerges. He is seriously warped! But I like having an evil bad guy to hate, so it’s all good for me!

The rest of the Breed are all involved in the story, and there is a bit of character development happening behind the scenes, which I love.

I like how Lara Adrian isn’t afraid to shock her readers. Yes, it’s primarily a romance book with a HEA, but there is some real drama and shocks along the way. Overall though, this is a beautifully written romance, with lots of emotion, and action that twists and turns right up until the nail-biting finale. And it’s all set against a fantastic paranormal world that I just can’t get enough of! For the first time in this series, I didn’t think about the BDB once while reading. I think Adrian has found her groove, and it’s awesome!

Must have more!!!


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