Review: Ashes of Midnight (Midnight Breed, #6) by Lara Adrian

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Another winner from the Midnight Breed!

Book 6 in the series picks up three months after the tragic events at the last book, and Andreas Reichen is on a mission of vengeance to kill Wilhelm Roth, the man who cost him everything. His fury has reawakened a monstrous power in him that he is unleashing on anything and everything in his way, and he is a man possessed! To make matters more interesting, suddenly thrust into the picture is Claire, the only woman he has ever loved. Together for only a few short months 30 years previously, before they were torn apart, she is now mated to his mortal enemy, Roth.

Despite being bonded to another man, Claire has always loved Andreas and, finding herself immediately drawn back to him, she does everything she can to help him escape the people trying to bring him down, even though he’s on a mission to kill her mate. So the two of them are on the run together, and there are twists and turns as they fight both bad guys and their attraction to each other – sometimes successfully, sometimes not so successfully (squee).

I really loved Claire and the strength of her love for Andreas, and the fact that wasn’t shy in telling him what she was feeling.

“Goddamn you. How can you still make me feel this way after all these years? Damn you for leaving me! And damn you for coming back like this, just when I thought you were gone forever and I might finally be able to forget you.”

The fact that she is blood bonded to the bad guy and they can sense each other, does add an interesting angle to the story, but her feelings for Andreas never falter. She was determined to be there with him every step of the way, letting him know that she loves him and doing anything to keep him safe.

Andreas is just fantastic. Strong, brave and honest, I’ve loved him since he first appeared in the series, and watching him try to distance himself from Claire, knowing that he still loved her, yet knowing that she unbreakably bound to another, was heartbreaking.

“We can’t change anything that’s happened, Claire. I won’t stand here and give you lies to make either one of us feel better. And I’m not going to give you promises that I know I can’t keep.”

Coming to their rescue are the boys of the Order – “You’ve had our back more than once. We’ve got yours now.”SQUEEEEE!!! And the action shifts to Boston where the group discover that Roth is working with uber bad guy, Dragos. And in a suspenseful and action packed climax, Andreas and Claire team up with the Order and their breedmates to go after the bad guy – “Fuck you very much, if you think we’re gonna let you do this on your own, Reichen.” So much awesome!!! But Andreas’ power is slowly consuming him as his thirst for vengeance starts to destroy his humanity, and may cost him both the woman he loves, and his life.

This book, and the whole freaking series, needs a big fat SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Action, romance, sexy and broody vampires and some kickass girl power all combine to create stories that make me swoon and squee, and never fail to keep me hooked from the first page. And it’s all there again in Andreas’ and Claire’s story.

Their second chance at love is so beautifully swoony, with some heartbreaking moments, and you can absolutely feel the depth of their love for each other, and how badly they ache to be together. “You were the only one, Andre. It’s always been you.” *sniff* They had to go through hell to be finally together, and so deserved their HEA, and it was beautiful!

I loved having the action back in Boston, because it means we got to see a lot of the other characters from the series (all of them!), and I loved that – seeing them in all their badass glory or just being around the compound, I can’t get enough!! And I need to give a quick shout out to the girls of the series – not content to leave everything to the boys, they get right into the fight with them. They are there when they plan strategy, and in this one, some of the girls actually go out on their own on the own mission, and I LOVE that!!! Go girl power!

I can’t gush enough over this series. If you are a fan of the PNR genre and haven’t tried it yet, you have to get on it!


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