Review: Taken by Midnight (Midnight Breed, #8) by Lara Adrian

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Book 8 of the Midnight Breed series, and still going strong!

Brock and Jenna’s story started at the end of the last book, Shades of Midnight, when Jenna was rescued from captivity with the Ancient one. From the first moment he saw her, Brock felt drawn to her, and that intense protective nature is carried over to their story. He barely leaves her side as she is bought to the compound to recover from her ordeal. But it is soon discovered that the Ancient has left her with a mysterious ‘device’ planted inside of her body that wreaks all sorts of changes within her. Remaining with the Order for further testing and observation, Jenna becomes drawn into the world of the Breed and the mission of the women of the compound to locate and rescue missing Breedmates that are being held by Dragos. All of this, while she and Brock tentatively explore the strong connection between them. Ooohh, it’s all happening!

I loved the relationship between Brock and Jenna. Jenna is still suffering from the tragic deaths of her husband and daughter four years ago, so in addition to everything that is currently going on in her life, she is still dealing with their loss. Neither she nor Brock, dealing with a loss of his own in his past, are expecting or prepared to fall for somebody else, and so they try to keep things simple between them, caving into the feelings they have, but without the entanglements of romance. Holy freaking hotness, these two steam it up!!! And of course it doesn’t take long before they realise what a load of crap all of that is, and they fall deeply and hopelessly for each other. And through it all, Brock is absolute perfection! Strong and dependable, he is also incredibly gentle and tender with Jenna, and he absolutely stole my heart!!

“I don’t know what I want … other than more of this. More of you.”
Brock lifted her beautiful face on the edge of his hand. “Take all you want.”

So freaking swoony!! And I loved the twist in this story, that for the first time, the heroine is a human, not a Breedmate, so there is the added complication of them contemplating a life together even though Jenna is mortal and they cannot have the bond that the other couples do. My heart broke for Brock as he came to his realisation.

She wasn’t a Breedmate, and that troubled him. Not because of the fact they would never have offspring together. Not even because of the absence of a blood bond, which would connect them to each other inexorably for as long as both of them lived.
He didn’t need a blood link to strengthen what he felt for her. She was his mate already, in all the ways that mattered. He loved her, and although he wasn’t sure what their future would look like, he couldn’t begin to imagine living it without her. 

But I suspect that this is not the end of the story 😉 There are a lot of loose ends left at the end of the book, but knowing Adrian’s writing, I’m expecting more of Brock and Jenna’s story to be told in future books, and I cannot wait!

In other parts of the action, Drago continues to be an evil bastard – taking hostages, attacking Darkhavens and plotting an almighty strike against our beloved boys. The girls of the series are in fine form, being all badass and awesome, and I LOVE THAT!!!! We also see a bit more of the other sides of Chase and Hunter (whose stories are yet to come) and are introduced to Lazaro and Kellan Archer, as well as Corinne, the heroine for the next book.

This was a really exciting addition to the series. Brock and Jenna’s story had me swooning, and the overarching plot is zooming along at a great pace. I freaking love these books!!!!


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