Review: Deeper Than Midnight (Midnight Breed, #9) by Lara Adrian

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OMG!!! What just happened? It all hit the fan in the final pages and then it just stopped. AARRRGHHHHHHH!!!!

OK, OK, deep breathe. First, let’s talk about Hunter…

“Born and bred to be a weapon wielded by the merciless hand of the Order’s chief adversary, he was long accustomed to viewing the world in logical, unemotional terms.
He no longer served the villain called Dragos, but his deadly skills remained at the core of who, and what, he was. Hunter was lethal – unfailingly so.”

Ooohh, the enigmatic Hunter. The most mysterious and guarded of the Order boys. We got to see his personal side a little in the last book – but just enough to realize that he really has no personal side. He is a hunter. That is all. And that is why I loved seeing him discover a whole new side of himself. Because despite being the most lethal and level headed assassin in the Order, Hunter has a beautiful innocence about him. He hasn’t lived a normal life, and has never known love or compassion. So when he meets Corrine and starts having feelings for her, and then acting on those feelings, it’s all very new to him, and watching him experience that is just gorgeous, and oh so swoony!

“I never knew what it was to crave a woman’s touch. Or to hunger for a woman’s kiss.”
“And now you do?” she asked hesitantly.
“Since I met you, Corinne Bishop, I’ve been thinking of little else.”

I really liked Corrine. Rescued from the clutches of Drago after decades of abuse and torture, she is tormented by all that she endured, but she hasn’t let it break her, and has stayed strong in spite of it all. When Hunter is assigned to protect her, she finds herself drawn to his strength and calmness, but she soon begins to see the more sensitive side of him, and despite all she has been through, she starts to fall for him. I love that she was brave enough to let herself feel for him, and help him acknowledge what was happening between them. Their relationship was really beautifully developed, considering their inexperience and all that they had both been through, and it felt very real. But all the while that Corrine is accompanying Hunter on his mission, she has an agenda of her own… one that is in direct contradiction to his, and has the potential to tear them apart.  


But there is soooooooo much else that happens in this book!

Chase! OMG, what is happening to poor Chase! His downward spiral has been happening for a while, but he hits rock bottom in this one, and it was heartbreaking to watch! Although we do meet this future love interest, Tavia, his story is left on a MASSIVE cliffhanger!

There’s a lot of action as the Order get closer to Dragos, and he steps up his plans, making a number of strikes against our boys and their mates, the last of which is massive, and public, and places all of the residents of the Compound in great danger, and at risk of exposure.

Things are changing in the Order, and we get to see Lucan’s POV as he struggles in his role of head of what is now essentially a large family rather than a group of warriors. His family is under direct threat, and his protective side comes out as he moves to defend those closest to him.

“The Order will not splinter,” Lucan replied, terse with fury for what Dragos was forcing them to consider. “We are warriors. Brethren. We are kin. We will not let anyone scatter us in terror.”
Gideon nodded, solemn and silent. “Yeah,” he said, meeting their gazes. “Fuck me, right? Totally crap idea. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking.”

Adrian is also starting to set the scene for future books in the series with the introduction of new characters, and the establishing of links that will play a part down the track. And on a happy note, there is also a long awaited birth that finally takes place and (this may sound weird) it is an absolute swoon fest! Every woman needs a Breed male at her side while she gives birth, that’s all I’m gonna say! Although, if you’re interested, this is an excerpt from the scene in question…  


So, the awesome continues, and the final book in this part of the series is set up beautifully! I am so ready for the big climactic finish!


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