Review: Forever My Girl (The Beaumont Series, #1) by Heidi McLaughlin

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I love this book!!!

Hot, sexy, bad boy rock star, Liam, returns to his home town for a funeral 10 years after disappearing, leaving behind his best friends, and the girl he loved, without so much as an explanation.

Oh the emotion! Sooooo much emotion!!! The funeral that has him returning home is for his best friend from high school, Mason. And even though we never get to meet Mason, watching his friends and family grieve for him is utterly gut-wrenching!

But the big moment comes with Liam’s reunion with the girl he left behind, Josie. In all the time they have been apart, he has never forgotten her, and never stopped loving her. Having had no contact with anybody from his past in the 10 years he has been away, he doesn’t know what he is going to find when he sees her. All he knows is that he still wants her.

And when they do see each other again… OMG!!! My breath caught, and I was clutching my chest in anticipation. It’s a real ‘OMG’ moment, but also very realistic. Josie was devastated when Liam took off and left her alone, giving her no reason why, and even though she has never really gotten over him, she still carries a lot of anger and sadness from his betrayal and has moved on with her life with a new man, Nick. But each time they see each other, you can feel the emotion between them as they slowly figure out their past and deal with what has become of their lives. I loved the lack of game playing here, despite all of the pain they had both gone through, they were both incredibly honest with each other, and they worked hard to try and fix it.

“Her tear-streaked face is beautiful. I want to wipe away her tears. I want to take the last ten years and erase them. I want to start over.”

With each chapter told in alternating POVs, with flashbacks to their high school years, you really feel where Liam and Josie are both at, and at times it’s devastating being in their heads, and seeing just how affected they are by Liam’s leaving and all of the consequences. Their love story, both as teenagers, and coming back together as adults after all of the pain that they have suffered, is incredibly emotional and absolutely beautiful!

“I only have eyes for one woman, period … When I saw you, I knew I had made a mistake. I should have never left or at least come back for you. My life is better with you in it, Josie. I’m not going to do anything to jeopardize that.”

I love Liam!! He screwed up big time by leaving the way that he did, and I love how he accepts that, takes the blame, and does everything he can to make amends. His love for Josie is amazing, and I love his devotion to her and earning her love again (and whenever he referred to Josie as “my girl”, I just melted!). And even though he makes his feelings known (and there are some moments of hotness), he is respectful of Nick’s place in her life and never makes demands or pushes her.

“I want every part of you in my life, Jojo, when you’re ready.”

Josie is a great heroine. She’s very real, and I could understand her reaction to what happened in the past when she was left alone and bewildered, not having a clue what happened. As well as how she reacted to all that unfolded on Liam’s return. She didn’t welcome him back with open arms, she made him work for it before she started to accept him back into her life, and I thought the author did a great job of describing all that she was going through.

This book took me forever to read, because I kept rereading passages of it over and over again, just to soak it all in. I did have a squinty eyed moment…

…but I lapped it up because I’m an absolute sap and was totally carried away by the romance of it all.

The characters are fantastic (shout out to Noah, I adored him), and despite all of the heartache and tears – both the character’s and mine – I finished this book with a huge grin on my face, knowing that I’m going to be rereading that last chapter again a few times! (SWOOOOOON!). I can’t wait for more with Josie’s best friend Katelyn’s story.

4.5 stars


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