Review: Addicted (Outlaws, #2) by Elle Kennedy

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“I go where you go”

Holy hotness!

Elle Kennedy takes us on another ride with her smut-tastic (mildly) dystopian series full of sexy alpha males and sexy, strong women. This is the second book in the Outlaws series, and I enjoyed it even more than the first! Full of danger, romance and sizzling hot sexy time, there’s a dark edge to these books, and with great characters, intense stories and Elle’s wonderful writing, it’s a really entertaining read and I loved it.

You could read this as a standalone, but to fully appreciate the story I’d recommending reading Claimed first so you understand the world. It’s a scary existence where war has crippled the earth, and for those living in the United States, if you don’t want to conform to strict rule, then you live life as an outlaw – constantly scavenging for food, clothes and other supplies, and fighting against the ever-present enforcers from the city in order to live a free life. It’s a stressful existence and our outlaws live their lives as if any day could be their last, so they indulge in good things at every opportunity – and that includes sex, which is shared with whoever, whenever and wherever. And wow, it’s hot!

Lennox and Jamie grew up together and have been best friends for as long as they can remember. They were introduced in the first book, living in a house that was a hedonistic paradise, a place where people would come to drink, hang out, and have sex. And if not to have sex, then to watch others have sex. But it was all taken away in a tragic attack, and the permanent inhabitants of the house moved to Connor’s (hero from book 1) compound. Now, the two of them find themselves travelling to a nearby ‘town’ of Foxworth with some of Connor’s other people to train the inhabitants in combat. It’s a dangerous and desperate world, but their new situation sets them on a course that has been a long time coming.

Lennox and Jamie have always had deep feelings for each other, but they’ve never talked about it and never considered it as an option – both of them knowing that their friendship is vital and not wanting to do anything to jeopardise it. Instead, they get into the swing of true outlaw life, hooking up with whoever is around whenever the mood hits. But while Lennox is content to keep his hook ups strictly as that, Jamie longs for more – she wants love, a real relationship, and a family. And when she finally realises that the object of her affection doesn’t return her feelings, she and Lennox have a totally unexpected and wickedly hot encounter that changes everything.

Oh. My. God. This book is SO freaking hot! The sex is imaginative and descriptive, often involving an audience or another participant (including some m/m), and damn! A little bit of kink, a WHOLE lot of dirty talk, passionate and intense, their physical relationship is a natural progression to their close connection and their worlds are well and truly rocked.

“When I make a decision, you think it’s my safety I take into consideration? It’s fucking yours. I don’t take a goddamn breath without considering how it would affect you.”

They both agree that they are too important to each other to risk what they have together, but neither of them can hold back the avalanche that is their feelings for each other, and I loved watching them navigate the shift from best friends to best friends-with-benefits to lovers in every sense of the word. They have hurdles they need to overcome, and the very nature of their life means that nothing is going to be easy for them, but they never forget what they mean to each other, and I loved seeing them realize the intensity of their feelings, figure out what they want, and go after it.

“You’re my home, Jamie. It doesn’t matter where we go or what happens. As long as you’re with me, I’m home.”

But it’s not all about the sex and romance. Trouble is ever-present in their world, and Lennox, Jamie and the crew find themselves dealing with big secrets, mysterious plans, dangerous situations and heartbreaking tragedy (OMG, Elle… why?). It’s a great blend of storylines that are engaging and exciting, and that set up future books really nicely. I loved the introduction of a new bunch of characters, are well as catching up with those that met in the last book. I particularly loved the fantastically flirty and sexually-charged dynamic between Rylan and Reese (and what is up with Sloan?), and I can’t wait for their book up next!

I loved this book. It’s a really entertaining read that is a great mix of dark/gritty with lots of heart, funny moments, and a gorgeous, super sexy romance. I couldn’t put down.

4 stars.


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