Review: Gunmetal Magic (Kate Daniels, #5.5) by Ilona Andrews

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4 smartass, badass, go-girl-power stars

Andrea Nash is a mainstay of the Kate Daniels series as the best friend to Kate, and has been her partner in crime on many, many of their adventures. Andrea had dedicated her life to the Order of the Knights of Merciful Aid, a sort-of Police organisation responsible for keeping order in a dangerous world that shifts between magic and tech. Her world was shattered when she was kicked out of the organisation due to her shapeshifter status being revealed, and ever since she’s been lost, without an anchor, not knowing where she belongs.

She is now a partner in Kate’s PI company, and as such she is called in to investigate the murder of four pack members – all of which were killed on the job while working for none other than her ex-lover and Alpha male of clan bouda, Raphael.

And thus, the stage is set for a fantastic adventure which is full of action, excitement, mystery and suspense – with a healthy dose of sexual tension and romance, and it’s great fun!

Andrea is a great side-kick to Kate, and I loved her just as much as the heroine of her own story. She’s a total badass – brave, determined and stubborn – with a sarcastically smart mouth and a take-no-shit attitude.

“I’m here to ask questions. Answer them and I’ll thank you and go away. Do keep in mind that if you piss me off, I can slaughter the lot of you and nobody will give a crap.”

I’ve always been a fan of the Andrea/Raphael hook up, and was devastated when it all fell apart, but with them now back in each other’s lives, the fireworks are sensational! They’re a great team as they work together to find who is responsible for the murders, and why. Their feelings for each other are still running high but they’re both hurt and angry, and they let that out in all sorts of ways!

His voice was sweet as honey. “Darling, do you need me to loan you some money.”
“I have never in my life needed you to loan me money. If I was dead, and the ferryman needed a coin to take me across the river to the afterlife, and you had the only quarter in existence, I’d tell you to stick it up your ass.”

Yep, the sexual tension is insane! But the more they are forced to spend time together, they can’t help but deal with what is between them, and amidst hilarious shifter courtship behaviour, the romance is actually really gorgeous.

“You matter to me … You always did.”

But as they’re dealing with their crap, they get deeper and deeper into the investigation and the danger proves to be bigger than they ever could have anticipated. It’s action packed and gory as all hell – supernatural snakes, lion/alligator hybrids and giant bug-like creatures are bad enough but when Andrea literally dives through the neck of a giant beast with a jackhammer I actually started to feel ill. But it’s all very exciting.

But most importantly, as Andrea looks at her life and figures out what she wants, she finally starts to come to terms with who she is and where she truly belongs.

This is a great addition to the Kate Daniels series, adding more depth to this already complex and fantastically developed world. Pretty much all of the main characters appear, and of course we get to see Kate and Curran still all loved up and awesome. It’s a great story and I really enjoyed it

4 stars.


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