Review: Curran POV Collection by Gordon Andrews

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This is a compilation of scenes from the Kate Daniels series from the POV of Curran, the Beast Lord. Strong, proud, arrogant, stubborn and uber powerful, Curran is a bit of enigma who guards his feelings well, so I couldn’t WAIT for this opportunity to get into his head. This collection features scenes from books 1 – 4, some that we have already seen from Kate’s perspective, and some entirely new scenes which give us further insight into Curran, the Pack, and Curran and Kate together.

I highly recommend that you don’t read this until you have read up to book 4 – Magic Bleeds, as each scene has so much more meaning behind it after the events of that book have played out. This is a quick rundown of what’s in store:

Unicorn Lane
(from Magic Bites)

The infamous first meeting.

She crouched with her hand out. What the hell was she doing…?
“Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. “
Oh my God. She was an imbecile, and I was going to kill Jim.

(from Magic Bites)

The first glimpse of things to come.

(from Magic Burns)

Such a meaningful scene, and so much more significant than anybody reading the book for the first time would realise!

Midnight Games
(previously unseen from Magic Strikes)

Curran’s inner monologue as he processes all that is going on in this book, and how it reflects on the current standing of his relationship with Kate – and he sums it up perfectly!

Kate short-circuits my brain. In my head we always have these clear coherent exchanges, but once we meet, what comes out is “Kate, do what I say or I’ll kill you.” Her default reply is “Fuck you!” and we go downhill from there.

Also features a brief but highly entertaining chat with Julie.

Hot Tub
(from Magic Strikes)

Nothing further needs to be said. Ooooh yeah!

Kate’s Origin
(previously unseen, takes place between Magic Strikes and Magic Bleeds)

A conversation between Curran and Jim. Very enlightening!!

Naked Dinner
(takes place between Magic Strikes and Magic Bleeds)

A sadly deceptive title, this is actually like a mini-novella with Curran telling the story of the events that unfolded before the Naked Dinner.

(from Magic Bleeds)

The restaurant scene. Gotta love a possessive Beast Lord!

(end of Magic Bleeds)

The retelling of the final moments of Magic Bleeds, and a little bit beyond (with a little bit of Kate POV thrown in at the end). It is Curran proving that he is the Beast Lord, and OMG, it’s epic!

Oh yes, Daddy’s home and he ain’t happy. Playtime was over. 


I freaking love this series, and Curran is a huge part of the awesomeness! I loved getting to see key moments of his and Kate’s relationship through his eyes. How much he wants her, cares for her, and will do anything so protect her. He’s an alpha badass, and we love him for it!

Whether or not she knew it, Kate was mine now and I would save her or die trying. That is what I do. I’m the Beast Lord. 

A fantastic addition to the series, and a must-read for all Kate Daniels fans.

4.5 stars.


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