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Adrian, Lara (see Midnight Breed series page)

Allen, Sadie

Allred, Katherine

Amelie, Fisher

  • Vain (The Seven Deadly, #1)

Andrews, E.A.

Andrews, Ilona (see our Kate Daniels series page)

Ann, Jewel E.

Armentrout, Jennifer L. (see Author Spotlight)

Ashley, Katie

Ashley, Kristen (see Author Spotlight)

Aston, Jana

Aurora, Belle

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Barbetti, Whitney

Bell, E.S.

Bell, Serena

Bennett, Sawyer

Bentley, Heather

Berg, J.L.

Blakely, Lauren

Blanchard, Nicole

Bocci, Nina

Boldt, R.C.

Bohrman, Barbie

Bowen, Sarina

Bromberg, K.

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Callihan, Kristen

Canterbary, Kate

Carlino, Renee

Carmack, Cora

Casey, Elle

Cates, Georgia

  • Tap (A Lovibond Novel, #1)

Chase, Emma

Cherry, Brittainy C.

Clayton, Alice

Cole, Kresley (see Immortals After Dark series page)

Cole, Scarlett

Cole, Tillie (see Author Spotlight)

Colette, Jeannine

Connor, Claudia

Contreras, Claire

Coopmans, Kathy

Cosway, L.H.

Cristofoli, Erin

Crownover, Jay

Cunning, Olivia

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Dalton, Tymber

Daniels, J.

Darhower, J.M.

Dawn, Nyrae

Day, Sylvia

Demetrios, Heather

Detwiler, Lindsay

Dietz, Mariah

Dodd, Jillian

Dunne, Poppy

Duvall, Dianne (see The Immortal Guardians / Gifted Ones series page)

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Edwards, Nicole

Ehemann, Beth

Eliot, Anne

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Falkner, Tammy

Fantome, Stylo

Ferrera, Mila

Fine, Chelsea

  • Anew (Archers of Avalon, #1)
  • Awry (Archers of Avalon, #2)
  • Avow (Archers of Avalon, #3)

Finn, Elizabeth

Flynn, Beth

Force, M.S.

Foster, Melissa

Frank, Ella

  • Try (Temptation, #1)

Frazier, T.M. (see Author Spotlight)

Frederick, Jen

Freethy, Barbara

French, Kitty

Frost, Jeaniene (see our Night Huntress / Night Prince series page)

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Gallagher, Lauren

Glenn, Priscilla

Glines, Abbi

Gracia Williams, Whitney

Graves, Tracey Garvis

Gray, Mila

Grayson, Alex

Grayson, K.L.

Green, Bronwyn

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Halle, Karina (see Author Spotlight)

Halston, Sidney

Hannah, Kristin

Hargrove, A.M.

Harlow, Melanie (see Author Spotlight)

Harmon, Amy

Hart, Callie (see Author Spotlight)

Hart, Emma

Hart, Staci

Hartnett, J.B.

Harvey, B.J.

Harvey-Berrick, Jane

Hawkins, J.D.

Higginson, Rachel

Hollyfield, J.D.

Hoover, Colleen (see Author Spotlight)

Hunter, Elizabeth (see Elemental Mysteries/Elemental World page)

Hunting, Helena Author Spotlight(see )


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Ione, Larissa (see Demonica/Lords of Deliverance Series page)

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Jackson, A.L. (see Author Spotlight)

Jackson, Sophie

Jacquelyn, Nicole

James, E.L.

James, Julie

Jenkins Reid, Taylor

Jenner, Carmen

Johnson, Julie

Jones, Lisa Renee

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Kagawa, Julie

Kage, Linda

Kane, Stacia

Kaye, Laura

Kaye, Nikky

Keeland, Vi (see Author Spotlight)

Kennedy, Elle

Kincaid, Harper

King, Tyler

Knight, Amie

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Laine, Terri E.

Lake, Keri

Lance, Amanda

Lane, Nina

Lauren, Christina (see Author Spotlight)

Lauren, Kimberly

Layne, Lauren

Lee, Laura

LeFay, Amelia

Leigh, Heather C.

Lilley, R.K. (see Author Spotlight)

Louise, Tia

Lu, Marie

Lynn, J.

Lynn, Cherrie

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Maas, Sarah J.

Mackenzie, Scott

Madden, A.M.

Madden-Mills, Ilsa

Madison, Natasha

Maise, Ella

Malpas, Jodi Ellen

Manning, Sarra

March, Meghan (see Author Spotlight)

Martinez, Aly (see Author Spotlight)

Mathewson, R.L.

McAvoy, J.J.

McCarthy, Kate

McGarry, Katie

McGowan, Tabitha

McGuire, Jamie

McLaughlin, Heidi

McLean, Jay (see Author Spotlight)

Michaels, Corrine

Millay, Katja

Miller, Raine

Moning, Karen Marie

Monroe, Max (see Author Spotlight)

Montgomery, M.E.

Moore, Addison

Moore, Liv

Moreland, Melanie

Moyes, Jojo

Myers, Maggi

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Ney, Sara

Niffeneger, Audrey

Nightingale, Nadine

Niven, Jennifer

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O’Keefe, Molly

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Park, Jessica

Pearl, Danielle

Perkins, Stephanie

Perry, Devney

Phillips, Carly

Preston, Beverly

Probst, Jennifer

Proby, Kristen

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Quinn, Caisey

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Randall, Andrea

Rayven, Leisa

Redmerski, J.A.

Regnery, Katy

Reid, Penny (see Author Spotlight)

Reisz, Tiffany (see Author Spotlight)

Renshaw, Winter

Reynolds, Aurora Rose (see Until Series Info page)

Rhys, Stella

Riley, Maggie

Ritchie, Krista and Becca (see Author Spotlight)

Robert, Katee

Roberts, C.J.

Rocha, Kit

Rogers Maher, Rebecca

Rose, Madison (Natasha Madison & Aurora Rose Reynolds)

Rose, Nashoda

Ryan, Kendall

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Salsbury, J.B.

Savage, Shay

Schiller, M.K.

Scott, Emma

Scott, Kylie

Scott, Ginger

Scott, S.L.

Sheehan, Madeline

Shen, L.J. (see Sinners of Saint series page)

Sheridan, Mia (see Author Spotlight)

Sivec, Tara

Smeltzer, Micalea

Sorensen, Karla

  • Hooked(co-written with Whitney Barbetti)

Stephens, R.C.

Stephens, S.C.

Sterling, J.

Stevens, Erica

Stewart, Kate

Stoker, Susan

Summers, Eden

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Taylor, Laini

Thorne, Sally


Torre, Alessandra

Torrest, T.

Torston, V.K.

Towle, Samantha

Tucker, K.A.

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Urruela, B.T.

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Vieira, Ines

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Walden, S.

Walters, A. Meredith

Ward, J.R. (see our Black Dagger Brotherhood Series page)

Ward, Natalie

Ward, Penelope (see Author Spotlight)

Watt, Erin

Webster, K.

Williams, Nicole

Wolff, Tracy

Wright, Lulu

Wright, Suzanne (see Deep In Your Veins and Phoenix Pack/Mercury Pack pages)

Wylde, Joanna

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Yancey, Rick

Yarros, Rebecca

Young, Samantha

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Zanetti, Rebecca (see Author Spotlight)

Zolendz, Christine

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