Review: Trust (Wrong, #3) by Jana Aston

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4.5 “Chloe-and-Boyding” stars!

Chloe is best-friends with Everly, the main character in Right. She is beautiful, quirky, and sweet and teaches second grade. Chloe has very little dating experience and she is in a dating slump, always picking guys who do not mesh with her. She bombs her dates left and right because if her social awkwardness and lack of confidence. She knows she doesn’t need a boyfriend, but she’s tired of being the only one in her group of friends without someone special.

Everything is happening so fast. Well, for my friends anyway.

That leaves me.
Chloe Scott. Third wheel, or seventh wheel in this case.

Everly loves to play cupid and is dying to fix Chloe up. In the past, Everly’s picks have been big fat fails but she honestly thinks that Boyd is the right man for Chloe.

Boyd is sexy, cocky, confident, sweet, and an FBI agent. Talk about HOT!! He meets Chloe in less than desirable circumstances and he is instantly intrigued by her. He is the half-brother of Sophie, from Wrong and is definitely interested in Chloe, but she is embarrassed with their first interaction and pretends they’ve never met before when her friends introduce them. Because he did her a favor by omitting the fact that they already knew each other, Chloe now owes him a favor. When he comes to collect the favor, he somehow convinces her to play his pretend girlfriend for a family wedding. From there, an interesting friendship forms and builds to something more.

I really enjoyed Trust. Both Boyd and Chloe were fantastic in their own ways and their sweet relationship was entertaining. Even though they were very different, they were wonderful together and complimented each other. Like the other books, the steamy sexual tension was there and it stirred up feelings that Chloe usually keeps tucked away.

“Do you need help with the zipper?” he asks.
Yes. Yes, I do need help with the zipper. I nod and he unzips a very modest length before telling me I should be able to get it from there. His voice is soft by husky and I don’t want to get it from there. I want him to yank the dress from my body and fuck me against the wall, but I don’t know how to ask for that. I barely know how to be alone with him.

I loved watching her confidence grow and the support Boyd gave her. I could feel Boyd’s attraction to her, wanting more than what they had but I loved that he knew what she needed and only pushed as much as she could handle. He anticipated her moves and I loved how patient he was with her. He could read her cues and the things he did to help make her comfortable in social situations made my heart warm. Boyd took the reins and knew how to make a relationship with Chloe work, for both of them.

This girl is a mess of conflicting emotions, but good things come to those who wait. And Chloe is a good thing. A forever kind of thing.

Chloe was hilarious, sweet, and totally awkward toward the opposite sex and I loved her. Things she says when she is nervous come out like a train wreck. It’s uncomfortable and embarrassing, but also entertaining because she continues to ramble and just doesn’t know when to stop. I thought it was comical that what was obvious to everyone else wasn’t exactly obvious to Chloe when she was with Boyd.

Oh, my God. Have I been dating Boyd this entire time? Without knowing it?

The only complaint I have is that Chloe was a little too wishy washy at times. I wished she opened her eyes and recognized what she was feeling sooner.

I love getting to see this whole gang again and am so sad to be saying goodbye. Each story is unique but all of them have humor, heart, and a tiny bit of angst that keeps you flipping pages. I definitely recommend this series.

*Note: The audio books for the entire Wrong series have been wonderful and I recommend them all.

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